It is Important to Know That to Love is to Let Go

It is Important to Know That to Love is to Let Go

We all love our children. We want to protect them more than we would protect our own eye. The constant checking and caring have become an obsession for us and it won’t be new for you if you are a mom. You would know what I am talking about. But to love is to let go. There are certain situations where we should let go of our fears for the betterment of our children.

1. Immunity
Your baby derives his immunity from you during the first six months of his life. Meanwhile, he would slowly pick up immunity by fighting off harmful microbes and this immunity is called acquired immunity. Sterilising the baby’s items and keeping the nursery clean is a must but you have to make sure that you don’t go overboard. If you do, you are standing in the way of healthy bacteria becoming friends with your baby. Nursing plays a crucial role in building up your baby’s immunity. Keep that in mind before you decide how your baby is fed.

2. Emotional endurance
When you see your baby smile, it is the best feeling in the world. But when you see him sad, it’s a whole another story. You do skip a heartbeat when he misses a step but it’s best if you don’t show it as is. You will have the reflex to pick him up but control it. Give your baby your support and remind him how strong he is. Encourage him to get up on his feet on his own. You should pamper your baby but also suit him up to face the world and its challenges on his own. Making him mentally strong is more important than temporary falls.

3. Independence
Now, this one is hard. Some of you don’t ever want to leave your baby out of your sight at all. You may want to bathe him and feed him all by yourself, even after he is old enough. You may think that he isn’t ready yet. Or you simply don’t want to let go of him. This could come and bite you again in the back if not dealt with early on. He can carry himself wherever he goes and just be fine without you, which you will be grateful for later.

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