To Be or Not to Be – That is the Question!

My husband and I found ourselves in Hamlet’s situation when we decided to raise our child without a religion backing him up.

Being an atheist (I wouldn’t say atheist because I do believe in God, what I don’t believe in is religion) is not easy in our country. You have to give an explanation to everyone, be it your grandmom or the janitor of the building… because how can one not have a religion?

I have always wondered what religion is. Isn’t religion meant to give one’s life direction and lead it to the path of righteousness? All religions are meant to teach this. Why then has it become a necessity to label an individual with a particular religion?

I may be no parenting guru, but I know how I will raise my child.

I will not teach my child to categorise people on the basis of religion. As textbook cliche as it may sound, I will teach my child to follow the path of humanity.

The problem is that many still interlink religion with tradition. Religion, I believe is a progressive thought but tradition in most cases, if not all is regressive…it holds you back.

Religion as we know today is not what it was meant to be. It is a mutation of superstition and tradition. And this mutation has taken away the very essence of what religion stands for.

So yes, we decided to raise our child without religion and no, we will not change our thought process to please anybody. We will not let him blindly follow traditions which have outlived their purpose. It is our point of view… it might not be agreeable or acceptable to others and that is okay. Why limit oneself to the confines of a particular thing? Why can’t a person take the best of all that life has to offer and grow?

We are a firm believer of the fact that every person has the right to live her life on her own terms. We want the same for our son. We gave him life, its true but that doesn’t give us the privilege to control his life. Sure, we will guide him and make decisions for him till such time he is capable to do that for himself… and that time will come sooner rather than later. The idea is to let him carve out his life for himself, the way he desires without worrying about societal norms.

Yes, we might disagree but who are we to judge what he thinks is right for him. And frankly, if my child has a strong head on his shoulders… to be able to stand by his choices even if it means disagreeing with us… somewhere deep down I know, we would be proud of him.

As long as he doesn’t harm another living soul, we will stand by his choices. The Gods won’t mind… preachers, we don’t care about!

God has no religion – Mahatma Gandhi

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