11 Funny But Important New Year Resolutions Indian Parents Are Making in 2021!

11 Funny But Important New Year Resolutions Indian Parents Are Making in 2017

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Whew! Being a parent is a tough job but guess what, you have been doing it just fine! As 2021 begins, it is time to pat yourself on the back and set in place some plans for the times to come. To help you out, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of mommy resolutions that moms in India are making for the new year. Time to check them out and get some inspiration for resolutions of your own!

A new year has started, and you have left behind fears, apprehensions and anxieties in the year gone by. Some of us are set to become new moms in 2021, counting days till the end of our pregnancy. And some of us are preparing to send our kids off to school! No matter what lies ahead, the start of the year is a time to prepare ourselves mentally. We often think that resolutions are hard to keep and disappear a few days into January. But hey, what’s a fresh start without fresh plans? And knowing your resolve and patience, mom, we have a feeling you will stick to these plans!

Presenting the 11 parenting resolutions other mommies like you are making in 2021. Time to get some inspiration!

1. I will Focus on Giving My Kids Healthy Meals Instead of Over-feeding Them

Abundant supply of food and Indian parents are synonymous for sure! This year, focus on feeding your child nourishing food. That way you do not need to worry about the quantity he is eating, because the quality is sufficient.

2. I Promise to Lower My Expectations

As a parent, sometimes, we fail to realise just how much pressure we are putting on our kids. Yes, it’s all in good intention but the pressure to meet our goals – from doing homework to cleaning the room – can really stress our kids out. This year, let’s appreciate our child for how much he has already achieved and leave it at that!

3. I Promise to Stay up to Date with Technology

Yeah, you’ve got your hands full and there’s so much happening in your own little world that you have no time or inclination to catch up on the world outside. But this year, find time to stay up to date with technology because you’ll need it for the future.  It’s the best way to be in tune with your child too, for like it or not, tech is going to play a huge role in his life, starting from when he’s just a baby!

4. I will Say Goodbye to Superstitions and Old Wives Tales

Yes, our great great grandmother’s sister-in-law sweared by these things and they were strangely all “True”. But let’s give ourselves and our kids a break! Don’t blame the poor neighbourhood black cat for your misfortune and for God’s sakes let your child cut his nails at night if they are overgrown!

5. I Promise to Stop Comparing

Yes, Mrs. Mehta’s daughter is a child prodigy but does she have the same musical skills as your own little Rahman? It’s time to stop comparing your children with other people’s children. Everyone is unique.

6. I Will Stop Being a Know-it-all Parent

You have lived more years than your child, of course, and you do know better about many things. But save your child the compex and let them discover things and make their own mistakes. Be there when they fall but try and lay off the “I told you so’s”.

7. Healthy Food is Important but I will also allow Junk Food Once in a while

While it is important for your child to remain healthy, junk food once in a while will not to irreversable damage either. Let’s stop being overly strict and worrying too much about that occasional junk food he ate!

8. I Promise to go Easy on Myself

Many of us mothers buckle under the benchmarks we set for ourselves. This year, remember to not be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to stumble, to feel tired, to want your own space! It really is okay, mom.

9. I Promise to Say “okay” and “yes” to my Children more

Yes, you are the parent and your child’s wishes are at your discretion. They need to learn that all demands cannot be met. But sometimes its okay to say yes as a surprise! You are afterall not their owner, but a gentle yet firm guide and someone they can trust. Say yes to some of their wishes too, even if it sometimes means watching 15 more minutes of TV or having another cookie.

10. I Vow to Let the Future of my Child’s Marriage, Stay in the Future

Admit it, you have already thought about the day your little one gets married, haven’t you? Right now he may still be soiling his diapers but his future bride and her family’s reputation is so vivid in your mind! Many Indian parents not only worry about this but also start planning in a way that their child settles only for the match chosen for him or her. Let’s relax, and enjoy life as it comes.

11. I Promise to Make Some Time to Myself and Ask for Help when I need it

Finally, it’s time to think about yourself too, mom! So what if you are a mom? It is completely necessary to take some time off to do what you enjoy, even if it’s just a much-needed afternoon siesta! Get help from your baby’s daddy if needed but don’t forget to love yourself a little more this year.

There you have it! We know your mental resolutions are set. It is now time to strengthen your resolve, focus on your inner happiness, and jumpstart these promises. In 2021, let your mantra be #ThisYearIWill.