Marriage and Couples Therapy: How Do You Know If You Need Marriage Counseling

Signs that You need Couples Therapy

Every marriage goes through a rough patch now and then. But there are times when minor tiffs could turn into something serious. If you feel something isn’t right with your marriage, look for signs that suggest you might need marriage counselling. It could very well save your marriage!

It’s a longstanding joke that being happily married is a myth. The fact is that you do need to put in extra effort to keep your married life happy and fulfilled. In spite of being in love and caring for each other, there are times when you drive one another crazy. If things get too heated and threaten your relationship, consider couples counselling through which you can learn the cause of your problems and find a solution.

How Do You Know if You Need Marriage Counselling or Not?

Every married couple has their share of problems and disagreements. But sometimes, they could blow out of proportion and create differences in a relationship. This is when your marriage could do with some help, not just from friends but from professional counsellors.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy consists of counselling sessions that help married couples identify the conflicts in their relationship and resolve them. Many a marriage has been saved, thanks to couples therapy, which is why you should consider it if yours has hit a wall.

Signs You Need Marriage Counselling

1. You Have The Same Arguments

Do you and your husband argue over the same thing again and again? Does a normal conversation turn into a shouting match? Your conversations are not fruitful enough and you both can’t come up with a proper solution to problems – it’s a clear sign that you should consider couples therapy.

2. You Give Each Other The Silent Treatment

If you and your partner hardly speak to each other, it could mean that you both don’t address your problems. This isn’t healthy since the more you stay silent, problems remain unresolved and resentment fester. If you’re wondering when you need couples therapy, it’s now!

3. You’re Too Tired for Sex

While it’s quite natural to be tired sometimes, being tired for sex all the time indicates the lack of emotional intimacy. It’s time to see a marriage counsellor and get help to rebuild your emotional bond.

4. You Engage in A Fault-Finding Match

Pointing out each other’s faults and passing sarcastic comments instead of speaking with respect and working things out is a sign that you need couples relationship counselling. The lack of understanding and anger issues need sorting before it’s too late.

5. You Seek Out External Support

The emotional support that you get from each other is incomparable. But, if you both find yourselves seeking it from other people frequently, it’s a sign of trouble. Maybe your partner misunderstands you and maybe you don’t feel he can lend you enough support. Whatever it is, a marriage counsellor can help you learn to listen and understand each other.

Marriage and couples therapy go hand-in-hand. If you feel that your marriage is headed towards a wall, sound advice and support from an experienced marriage therapist can work wonders for your relationship. You can learn to trust each other again and work through your problems.

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