Different Types of Moms You Meet at the Park

8 Funny Moms you Meet at the Playground

Playground is the best place for children to vent their energy. Most of the times, they are accompanied by their mothers and sometimes, dads. Check out the different types of moms you meet at the park and see if you can give faces to a few.

You take your little ones to the playground to ensure that they get into some physical activity and learn to interact with other children. This also gives you a breather. You surely must have made friends with a few moms yourself. Have you ever thought what category these moms fit into? Take a look and laugh out loud.

8 Moms You Meet on the Playground

1. Beautifully Made up Mom

This is the mom who would not mind going on a catwalk around the playground. She loves to show off her assets and is always perfectly made up. You would never find her at the park without a fresh coat of makeup, perfect hair and carefully picked up clothes and accessories.

2. Magician Mom

You will know this mom, if you find all the children gathered around her listening to stories or engaging in some creative activity. This mom definitely is a magician and knows how to get her way with the little ones. Most often than not, this mom has worked as a teacher in the past.

3. Encyclopedia Mom

She is a mom who knows all the children, their moms and their nannies by their names. What’s more she even understands all the children well enough to pair them based on their similar traits. She is definitely an encyclopedia on the local playground.

4. Hovering Mom

You know this mom from the way she hovers around her kids and doesn’t let them play in peace. She is always watching out to ensure that her kids do not trip, fall or scrape a knee.


5. Freestyle Mom

If you have come across this mom, you would have been shocked to see that she doesn’t care if her little ones fall, eat mud or roll in the dirt. She believes that this all part of a child’s upbringing and helps the kid to grow into a balanced human being. Kids think of her as the coolest mom.

6. Judgmental Mom

Here is a mom who will never admit to her kid being in the wrong. She is ever ready to play the blame game and doesn’t even mind picking a fight with you and the other moms.

7. Stock-it-Up Mom

She is definitely a blessing in disguise on days that you forget to carry your little one’s water bottle or favourite snack. She is happy to help, and her kiddie basket is always stocked with some extra goodies, just in case.

8. Loner Mom

She is not here to make friends with other moms. She prefers sitting away from the group. You can either find her with a book or glued to her phone. The only conversation she has is with her little ones.

Other than these different types of moms you meet at the park, you might also come across a few dads, who are cool enough to bring their kids down to the playground. But all said and done, moms take the cake any day!

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