Parenting Words of Wisdom for New Parents

5 Funny But True Parenting Tips you Should Use!

Congratulations, new mommy! You now have to gear up to be a parent. Well, this can be harder than you thought! From finding happiness in wine to knowing that being a supermom is a myth, these funny parenting tips will help you realize that life with a baby is rollicking.

You have a little baby in your hands and are asking a million questions to yourself and others. What do I do? What if they’re sick? What if they’re crying? What if they never stop crying? For all these questions and more, we bring a new parent survival guide with funny parenting tips that’ll keep your senses tickled and relaxed!

Your Checklist of Funny Advice for New Parents

1. Parenting Words of Wisdom for ‘Supermoms’

Know a thumb-rule? You can’t do everything! If you still want to go ahead, try to be a supermom but if it doesn’t work, don’t beat yourself up! Sometimes, you just can’t pick your baby and that grocery basket all by yourself. Take help. Strangers are nicer to people with babies. Your cute baby can ensure you won’t have to pick up anything from your bag of groceries to your airport luggage!

2. Seeking Advice? Don’t!

Beware of advice from every single human being in the world, regardless of whether they have a baby or not. Do what works for you. Go over the Internet for answers. Also, remember to be realistic. If your baby’s wearing a nice dress, it won’t stay nice and clean for very long. And don’t wear white; just don’t! There are no detergents out there that can remove goo stains and make you dress look pristine white again.

3. Getting Tired? Snooze!

It’s better to take naptime with both hands. After all, you’re going to be tired every single minute of every single day, for the next few years of your life! Get your forty winks whenever possible after feeding the baby on time. Nights may not allow you to sleep so look for help at other times.

Getting tired? Snooze!

4. Interrupt Your Work, or be a Zombie

There will be times when you’re going to miss your old life – the friends, those romantic dinners, that glass of wine. Yeah. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it? Go and give yourself a break without guilt. An occasional glass of wine or a dinner date with the girlfriends is just fine and you totally need it.

5. Sometimes, it’s Okay to Ask for Help

A funny advice for a mom to be? Be prepared for millions and millions of questions. Why is the sky blue? Why are there clouds? The answer to most questions in the world can be solved with an ice-cream. But there will still be times when your vacuum’s not working, the precious angel needs a vaccination trip and you’re feeling pukey. It’s absolutely okay to call your mom or a friend over. You can return the favor later.

No one ever said parenting was going to be an easy business. But with some funny parenting tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to ace your first outing in the new role. And if nothing else, look into your baby’s eyes and you’ll realize that it was and is all worth it. All of it.

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