Fun Ways Father Dress Their Children

8 Hilarious Ways Hubby Could Dress your Baby

Does your husband sometimes insist on choosing your baby’s outfit for the day? Well, you should occasionally let him do the honours. Not only will it give you a break, it will also be hilarious to watch the fun ways fathers dress their children!

Thinking about fathers and the dressing up baby department? Usually a hilarious combination! Your baby will be left wondering why mommy allowed daddy to dress them up in the first place. If hubby handles this department every now and then, these fun ways dads dress their children might be commonplace in your household!

8 Funny Ways Daddy Gets it Wrong

1. Nappy Rap

We’re all for dads who want to help their wives change their baby’s nappies. But if you find the nappy tied so loose so that it doesn’t stay or so tight that baby looks shocked, you know who’s behind it.

2. Front to Back

You can’t really blame dads for this one. They didn’t grow up having to wear dresses! Worse still, if the dress has bows and ribbons, be prepared to watch your little daughter sport the bow at the back for everyone to see.

3. Inside Out

Clothes put on inside-out? Some fathers can’t seem to tell the difference and babies are too small to tell them otherwise!

4. Two-in-one

Does dad get both legs of your little baby fitted into one leg of the outfit? If there’s no one to point it out, baby’s in for a treat rollicking and rolling around!

5. Sisterly Act

Ever come home to see your little boy wearing his sister’s pyjamas? Your husband may have gotten too engrossed in his football game to have known the difference. Or perhaps, he found no harm in dressing them alike.

Rockstar baby

6. Rockstar Baby

Dads can go to any length to get a baby T-shirt with their favourite rock star. One for daddy and one for baby and that’s not just for little baby boys. Baby girls get a taste of rockstar fashion too, complete with the T-shirt, jeans and a bandana!

7. Lay it on

The temperature in the room can be skyrocketing but daddy will dress your baby in a long sleeve romper followed by a short sleeved T-shirt over it. Then comes on the long pants and matching socks. After all, he’s convinced baby might catch a chill in the summer too!

8. Size Doesn’t Matter

Of all the clothes in the closet, daddy may especially select the ones baby has outgrown. A T-shirt that looks like a cropped top or a pant a size too small? Yep! The bundle of joy is always little for his dear father!

Fathers getting involved in a funny baby dress up is the perfect recipe for laughter. If your husband dresses baby perfectly, consider yourself blessed. For the rest of us, it’s a good idea to laud hubby for trying and secretly pray they never try again!

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