Dealing with a Competitive Mother

5 Ways Your Fellow Mommy Loves to Compete

Have you come across competitive mothers who stress you out with their irritating games? Dealing with such moms doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you only learn to spot them beforehand!

Are you tired of hearing questions like “Doesn’t she do this yet?” or “Why don’t you do it this way?” You probably know a competitive mommy who makes you flinch at the thought of a get-together. Her children are the “best” and she’s the “best” mom. Fret not. Find yourself the “best” way to deal with such moms and put them in their place!

Effective Ways to Spot a Competitive Mother

1. She’s Very Nosy

“How long does she sleep?”, “Is she potty trained?”, “Does she eat well?” and many more queries like these are free giveaways whenever you meet. Competitive mommies are always ready with questionnaires. They do this for two reasons—first, because of their over-anxious nature, and second, because they probably know the answers but want to narrate their own success stories of bringing up children.

2. The One-Upmanship

Did you recently arrange a birthday party for your little one? Well, a mom who’s over competitive will tell you (whether you want to listen or not) what a grand party she organised for her child. Although it’s foolish to give ear to such talk, you may get trapped into the “Who’s the better mother” game. After spotting a competitive mom, don’t get dismayed feeling that you aren’t doing the job right. Trust yourself.

The one-upmanship

3. She Can’t Help But Question You

Although not harmful, she may prove to be irritating when she starts asking too many questions that aren’t really her business. Dealing with a competitive mother who nurtures deep doubts about her kid’s well-being, while wanting to know more about yours, will throw you off gear very soon. Try to understand why she’s behaving the way she is. Maybe she’s insecure and secretly wants pointers. Or maybe she seeks approval from others.

4. She’s The Mommy Police

“Hasn’t she started talking yet? I think you should mention this to her doctor.” “Why hasn’t she begun walking? My daughter started at only a year.” You’ve realised by now that all your children’s actions are being keenly observed and you get feedback on your parenting skills. Be careful of a competitive mother who seeks the opportunity to sympathise if your child is late to master a skill. She’s not worth your attention and just wants to brag about her mommy skills!

5. She’s The Bad-Eyed One

There are mommies who compare your children with theirs and then put yours down. Let’s be honest; not all moms are considerate about others! Some make particular effort to get in the way of another child just to make theirs ‘win’. It’s best to keep women like these out of your life. They’ll only try to drag you down.

It’s important to prevent competitive mommies from involving themselves in your decisions as a parent and making you feel low about your children. Take charge by gauging such moms from far away and steering clear of them. You’ll be happier and so will your kids!

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