How to Deal with an Immature Husband

Mom, Are You Also Raising a Childish Husband?

Is your partner childish? The right ways of dealing with an immature partner can kindle a sense of responsibility and the confidence to make better decisions. Soon, your husband will require no more parenting from you!

What do you do to deal with a partner who chooses to leave a room messy behind him, spills his drinks at most times, stays away from work to watch his favourite TV shows, or tells silly lies just to stay out of trouble?

How to Deal with a Childish Husband

1. Stop, Are You His Mom?

Parenting a full-grown man? When your childish hubby continues behaving in the same way as your kids, restrain the urge to correct or parent him. Simply treat him like any other man, and believe it or not he will start acting like one. On the other hand, if you nag him or keep telling him about what’s expected of him, he will start ignoring you or begin telling lies, just to maintain harmony at home.

2. You Are Our Idol, Dad

One of the best ways to deal with your husband’s childish behaviour is to make him a role model who is admired and looked up to by one and all, especially his children. You may like to remind him, subtly, about the fact that he is setting an example for those little roving eyes in your life. So, instead of frowning or showing your displeasure when he fails to make his bed every morning, suggest in carefully chosen words that his habits need to change lest they impact the children.

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3. Maturity is Better Than Criticism

No doubt, you’re stressed about the childish behavioral patterns of your hubby, but that does not give you the right to practice intimidation, criticism, or any kind of manipulation for getting your way around him. The cycle can be broken if you start practicing maturity. Adopt kindness in your vocabulary and communicate only after choosing the right words and actions.

4. Disciplinary Actions Are Essential

It’s nice of your husband to give utmost priority to your kids, but when he keeps putting his own needs on the back burner for the cause, there is trouble brewing somewhere. Here, you start laying down the rules like a mom. Remember, when you acted tough with your parents, they ended up giving you a final ultimatum that made you stop dead in your tracks? Maybe that works for your partner too!

5. Praise His Mature Deeds

Even as you blink your eyes twice after seeing him act in a mature fashion, make all sincere efforts to praise him in front of everyone. Be it his call on responsible decisions, the way he handles tricky situations, or how he presents himself in a gathering, you must cheer him with encouraging words. Yes, that’s what he wants to hear.

Whatever you do, just don’t give up on your childish husband. With the right support and helping hand from you, he’ll soon metamorphose into the man you always wished him to be.

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