6 Questions You Should Not Ask a a Stay At Home Mom

6 Things you should Never Say to a Housewife Mom!

Do you ask your husband for money? Don’t you get irritated being at home? Irritating, right? Some people never learn that you should never make assumptions about a stay-at-home mom before understanding what she goes through every day! For all they know, kids learn more important real-life lessons from housewife mommies than from their textbooks.

Working at an office, working from home, or staying at home nurturing your children–it’s your choice, ladies! Nobody has the right to evaluate you on the basis of your decision. It’s all about your self-satisfaction and self-worth. Don’t let your spirits take a dive by what others have to say. Indian society also has its fair share of assumptions, prejudices and criticism. But it’s high time people stop saying the same things to a mom who’s a housewife! These assumptions are quite often based on untruth, not only in the Indian context but also around the world!

Assumption One: Stay at Home Moms Have Nothing to Do All Day and Just Get Bored Idling in Front of The TV

“What Do You Do All Day? Don’t You Get Bored at Home?”

If you say this to a stay-at-home mom, it implies that you either don’t have kids or you haven’t spent an entire day alone with your children yet. Chances are, you’ve probably never stepped into the shoes of a stay-at-home and don’t know just how hectic things can get.

Assumption Two: Stay at Home Moms Have So Much Free Time That They Run Out of Things to Do!

“So, What Else Do You Do in The Free Time?”

While the person asking this may be thinking that stay-at-home moms watch soap operas all day and sip cups of hot tea, only you know what really happens. The day begins and ends doing all the housework, helping kids with their homework, and trying to find time to take a shower and get something to eat!

Assumption Three: Attending to Anything Her Husband or Another Family Member Needs is Top Priority as a Stay at Home Mom Anyway Has So Much Time All Day

“You Were at Home All Day; How Could You Not Get ‘it’ Done?”

Now, this ‘it’ could be anything–a cleaner house, a pending errand, or anything else under the sun. Often, relatives or friends making such comments don’t understand that staying at home doesn’t mean having unlimited and uninterrupted time. How you wish you could leave them with a big to-do list and a baby and see just how much they can get done!

Assumption Four: Stay at Home Moms Have Wasted Their Years Studying Because They Don’t Have an Office Job

“Oh, You Left Your Job. What’s The Point of Studying So Hard?”

Forgive the ones who ask you this question. They’re just ignorant! They don’t know how many hats you wear through the course of each day. Education helps you manage your house and life better and raise exemplary kids.

Assumption Five: Stay at Home Moms will Never Understand What Stress and Pressure are Because They Don’t Have to Work

“I Had a Tough Day at The Office. You Won’t Understand!”

Oh, really? People sometimes make insensitive comments and assume that taking care of house chores and children is an easy feat. Agreed, stay-at-home moms may not experience office politics and work pressure, but they deal with family drama and deadlines on a daily basis, for 365 days, without a break.

Assumption Six: Stay at Home Moms Are Living a Pitiful, Depressed life and Missing Out on So Much That Working Moms Have

“I Can Never Do What You Do–Stay at Home with Kids All Day.”

They might mean this like a compliment but it can come across as “I can’t be so ‘domestic’ like you. I need to have a career, a job.” Stay-at-home mommies, if being with your children gives you satisfaction, take pride in keeping your family’s needs ahead of yours.

Stay-at-home moms have always been undervalued though they’re irreplaceable. Knowing just how hurtful such comments can be, never ask these questions to a stay-at-home mom. Remember, you’re not ‘just a housewife’. You’re dedicating your life to your family and that’s no mean feat!

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