Signs You Are Definitely Ready For a Baby

You Know Baby Bells Are Ringing When…

They are clear indications that shout out loud when you’re on the brink of entering mommy-mode. These signs say you are ready for a baby. So, if you can relate to them, congratulations! Your body and heart are ready for a little darling!

We know you’re a sensible lady with well-discussed pregnancy plans in place. But then, all of a sudden you start exhibiting signs that say that you’re ready to don the role of a mommy. If you find yourself flitting away some first-time thoughts like the ones mentioned below, then maybe it’s time for the stork to come visiting. C’mon, stop blushing!

Sure Shot Signs that Convey you’re Ready to have a Baby

1. Baby pics look cuter than what they did yesterday

One of the primary signs that you are ready for a baby hides in your reactions towards baby pics. Your comments that say “Awwww….cho chweet” on Facebook pictures posted by young mommies echo your thoughts. You don’t yawn while flicking through those hundreds of baby posters for your niece’s projects. Suddenly, movies like “Baby’s Day Out” make you sit up and take notice.

2. What’s sounds better, Neha or Nisha?

You know that the time is ripe for becoming a mom when you start looking for interesting baby names in your spare time—just for the heck of it. You try to find out the underlying meaning attached with the names that catch your fancy or go a step further and start attaching your surname to it, just to feel what it sounds like.

What’s sounds better, Neha or Nisha?

3. You wonder if August would be a good time to take leave

Your work needs you. You just can’t take a maternity leave when clients are expected to go berserk, orders are on the rise, or when your boss expects a full office. If these thoughts start crossing your mind, then it’s a good sign that you’re planning the ways in which you’ll be juggling your baby time and client time.

4. You make mental notes at Birthdays and Baby showers

It’s your two-year-old nephew’s birthday and you’re registering quite a few things mentally. You are listing out the gifts that you would want to keep on your list, the address of the lady who baked the cake, or how many guests are best invited to prevent chaos, and so forth. In case its a baby shower you’re attending and someone casually mentions, “You’re next!”, you end up saying “I hope so!” under your breath!

5. You create checklists of baby duties

You may find it strange, but it’s only when you’re ready to play the parental role that you start stepping in the shoes of your mommy friends. Even as they talk about their day-to-day childcare woes, you start making your own to-do-list beforehand. In some cases, you may also outdo yourself by assigning the tasks between you and your hubby. Obviously, he’ll be doing the diapers at night!

Well, just the fact that you’ve kept till the end of this article is sign enough that you’re ready to go through those wonderful nine months of waiting. Go celebrate these new feelings and go act on the plan!

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