9 Conversational Topics That Instantly Connect Mothers

9 Conversational Topics That Instantly Connect Mothers

Mommy conversations stem from concern and affection. When mums get together, they discuss everything – from home to work to the light of their lives – their children! But it’s another story that these sometimes border on crazy, or obsessive-compulsive, at the least!

When you get together with your friends, who are now moms as well, what is the focus of your discussion? While you may have resolved to have a chilled out, laid back time, there are certain subjects that always find their way into the group!

Universal Conversation Topics All Moms Love

1. My baby doesn’t sleep well at night.

He is probably getting scared of the dark circles you’ve developed staying up every night!

2. So which recipe are you making for lunch? Wow, and dinner?

And breakfast the next day? Something about recipes gets Moms ticking!

3. Are you on a diet? Tell me a super idea to stay slim and trim.

GM, Detox, Low Carbs – you’ve tried it all. But moms are always up to healthy eating for the family.

4. School has become so tough now! We had it easier in our days.

Yeah, Mommy. Why not ask your Mom and Dad about it?

5. I feel so tired all the time. How is that maid of yours? Any good?

Yes she’s super but you’ll still be tired all the time. Mommying is hard and you know it.

6. Hey, how do you handle Maths? My kid loves it, but I am curious…

Oh? Didn’t your little boy make a poster called “I Hate Algebra”?


Source: PInterest

7. It’s been long since I went on vacation. God knows where time flies!

No, your naughty little toddler knows as well!

8. Does your MIL help around the house? Mine just watches TV!

Those saas-bahu sagas have been going on forever for a reason, eh.

9. Let’s go on a girls’ day out tomorrow. Don’t cancel!

And this is the perfect example of a lesson we learnt in school. Tomorrow NEVER comes!


Source: PInterest

As these conversations prove, moms, no matter where they are and what they are doing, always have their kids in mind. That’s part of the reason why they are so special, right?

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