4 Tricks to Get What You Want in Bed

4 Naughty Tricks to Get What you Want in Bed

Loving as your husband is, you cannot always expect him to answer the question: what do women want in bed? If you’re feeling physically dissatisfied, it could lead to irritation and create a rift in your marriage. Convey what you want and watch your sex life get double as fun!

There could be many reasons behind a less than satisfactory sex life. Maybe your partner isn’t doing it right or maybe you want to try something different. Consider telling him what you like and how you like it. The sooner you become satisfied, the sooner you’ll be happy. As for your hubby, he’ll be over the moon!

How to Get What You Want in Bed

1. Know What You Want

You know that something is amiss in your sex life but do you really know what that missing element is? It’s important that you know what you want before you can convey your feelings to hubby. The best way to find out what women want in bed is by catching up on reading – a good woman’s magazine or even some erotica can help you out here. Once you have a fair idea of what might be missing in your sex life, you’ll be able to precisely explain it to your partner.

2. Don’t be Embarrassed to Speak Out

If you feel too shy to ask hubby what you want in bed, chuck your inhibitions immediately and take the plunge. It’s important that you don’t repress your feelings when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Be vocal and talk things over in the bedroom. Your husband loves you and will be eager to please you. After all, a satisfied woman means a satisfied man!

Don’t be embarrassed to speak out

3. Write Him a Note or a Letter

If you avoid sex talk in bed just because you think he might misunderstand you and feel hurt, you can write him a note or a letter instead. Detail a fantasy you’re looking to fulfill or a sexual desire you harbour. You will be amazed to see how happy you can make your husband by being open about your sexy side. He will appreciate your effort and the lovemaking will intensify like never before!

4. Make a Naughty Deal

Are you worried your husband may not be too eager about sex talk, especially if you have never done it before? Devise a plan to help you out! To break the ice and put you in the mood, think of a naughty favour you will ask of your husband in return for sharing your thoughts. He will be more than eager to oblige you in bed but there are chances that he too may want something to spice things up further. Wow!

For a healthy sex life, shed your fears or embarrassment about talking sex with your husband. He deserves to know how you feel to make sure he pleases you in bed. Rekindle your sex life by being vocal and hey, you could be in for a very pleasant surprise.

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