How Moms can Look Good in Baby Pictures

Clicking Picture Perfect Snaps with Your Baby

Our babies grow up much faster than we think. Before long, we will sit worrying about our moody teenager and find ourselves nostalgic for our cuddly little bundle! One way to preserve your baby’s lovely moments is to click and frame pictures. However, capturing frame-worthy pictures is often the hardest part, especially with a post-pregnancy body and a tantrum-throwing baby.

Looking good in photographs is tricky, more so for those of us who’re not that photogenic. And when babies are involved, the challenges are multiplied several times over! To avoid pulling your hair out after taking a set of unattractive pictures, we have some tips to help you get delightful pictures of you and baby.

Do Your Prepration Work

A happy baby means a happy Mom! When your baby is well fed, well rested and dry, he’s bound to be more inclined to cooperate with your photography experiments!

1. Opt for Well-Tailored Clothes

Yes, you’re a new Mom and have yet to lose those extra pounds along with the paunch. But that doesn’t mean you have to dress in sacks in the meantime! Photos look great with well-fitting tailored clothes, even if they’re not expensive.

2. Get Daylight

There is no substitute for daylight when it comes to lighting for photos. Try your best to get your pictures in the morning. All other lamps tend to let shadows fall and this can result in some unattractive pictures.

3. Soften The Light

While we suggest daylight, an extremely sunny day can result in harsh photos. Soften the light from your window by using sheer curtains or a flowy saree or dupatta to diffuse the sunlight a little.

4. Use The Right Makeup

For baby pictures, you need an everyday look, with a slight glow, and eyes and lips that are just there. Go for peachy nudes for lips and a single stroke of eyeliner for the eyes, along with mascara. Use a concealer or BB cream to even out your complexion and use a light blush for the cheeks.

5. Keep The Background Uncluttered

You might be tempted to bring in all your baby’s stuffed animals in the picture, along with his new state of the art pram! But too many things clutter up your picture and take the focus away from you and your baby.

6. Turn off The Flash

The most adorable picture can be ruined by a flash. Baby pictures need a soft focus-quality to them, which is completely destroyed by flash, resulting in eerie pictures.

7. Try Several Angles

Even the best photographers don’t click one picture and call it a day. Try different angles along with long and wide shots; who knows, you’ll finally discover your most flattering profile!

8. Get Backup

We mean in terms of people and supplies. No matter what your super powers are, you can’t do this alone. And you need to have snacks for you and baby handy, along with water and a toy to distract him.

9. Use Photo Editing Software

Last but not least, do not hesitate in using photo editing software to get rid of that photo-bombed leg or a dustbin in the distance. Use air brushing techniques to give your baby photos that magical feel.

While you may get everything else right, you must remember the most important tip of all – be natural! Staged photos seldom look good and if you’re stressed, the anxiety will come through in the pictures. Don’t worry, if you fail the first time, you can try, try and try again!

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