Things Your Husband and Baby Do When You Are Not Around

Here’s What Your Hubby and Baby Do Behind Your Back

What if baby and dad have a few hours alone without you supervising them? While some child-dad duos might be up to mischief, there are others who relax in the downtime. Ever wondered about the things your husband and baby do when you are not around?

When the mom is away, baby and daddy will play. Yes, baby and daddy might be up to no good when you’re not there to fuss around and keep everything in place. Well, whatever they both do, it’s bound to be hilarious!

How Daddy and Kiddo Spend Time Alone When You Are Not Around

We are sure you must have wondered at some point or the other, what your husband and child do when you leave them alone. So next time you leave them alone, be prepared to come home and find them doing one of the things below!

1. Cooking

Occasionally, your husband couldn’t be happier that you decided to run a few errands. Why? Well, this gives him time to cook new concoctions that he doesn’t otherwise get the time to experiment with! He may try to whip up something for the baby and you might just find the kitchen in a mess when you get back home. Try not to get too angry as, after all, your man deserves the benefit of the doubt!

2. Chilling Near the TV

Do you know what dads and their children have in common? A love for cartoon shows! That’s why you can expect hubby dear to have baby propped on his lap while watching a cartoon. Yes, there might be a little ‘around-the-sofa’ cleaning you’ll have to do but trust that the duo had a great bonding experience.

3. Being Silly Outdoors

Most dads like a little fun under the sun. Therefore, when you head out for the day, dad might just take the kids out for a hike or a bike ride. He may also take them out on a fishing trip. Time for you to rejoice Mom! Who’s complaining when this activity gives you time to collect your tired Mommy nerves and spend some time with your girlfriends? Outdoor trips can be among the most fun things your hubby and baby do when you are not around, we say!

4. Binge Eating-Drinking

If there is one activity that goes well with watching TV it is binging! Be it chips, doughnuts, popcorn, or even soft drinks, there is something very satisfying about propping on the sofa surrounded by a bounty of snacks. Especially since ‘mom’ always says ‘no’ to junk food!

5. Dancing / Singing it Out

One of the things Moms always forbid are shouting, and what is the most fun way to shout? While singing songs! So by all means, expect your husband and child to engage in a sing-off against each other… or even together just for the fun of singing songs in a loud voice! Still better than having to clean up after a binging spree, no?

6. Playing Video Games

One of the things that absolutely does not go down well with us mommies is gaming. We discourage our kids from doing it, and let’s be honest – we hate it when our fella does it too, don’t we? So when you are gone might be the perfect time for daddy and baby to spend some serious gaming time together.

Dad and children playing video games


7. Having a Pillow Fight

There is something very exciting about jumping up and down on a fluffy, clean, bouncy, well-made bed… and don’t be surprised if your husband and child are just waiting for you to step out so they can start a pillow fight! This is a rather innocent kind of fun that will not take a toll on the house so if this is what your husband and child want to indulge in… let them let their hair down and go crazy. And maybe after you come back, you can join them too!

8. Lazying Around

If you’re lucky, your husband and baby might just decide to take a power nap together when you are not around. Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine having to come home to silence and no extra mess. Strange as this may sound, consider yourself blessed if you return to the sound of snores. It is a rare phenomenon when you are a mom!

9. Playing Salon

This one is specially bound to be a hit with daughters! Of all the things their mom does, daughters always want to try one thing – wearing mommy’s makeup! While some may want to wear the makeup themselves, some may want to just put it on someone. This is the part where daddy dearest very bravely steps up to volunteer… and the results are always hilarious!

Daughter putting makeup on dad


10. Being a Slob

Some of those days just call for being an absolute slob – no brushing hair, no taking bath, and no getting out of bed! It might be annoying to watch husband and child be so lazy while you try to get the chores of the day done. But hey, at least they are not making a mess and adding onto your chores-list!

What Fathers and Babies Do When You Are Not Around

Alright, we admit. There is little your baby is actually going to ‘do’ with your husband. However, that does not stop from these situations getting hilarious! Don’t believe us? Sample these awesome dads whose funny bone just happened to be tickled when you were not around… but the baby was!

User Experience Designer in the making…?

Dad baby-sitting while working


“I am gonna cry all night tonight!” *evil laugh*

Funny baby


Baby Ninja Turtle to the rescue!

Baby ninja turtle





Baby Got Swag!

Baby Got Swag!





Those long walks with the stroller can be tiring.

Dad sitting in pram


Swaddling Level: DAD

Swaddling Level: DAD


Well… at least the baby’s not gonna fall!

Baby in drawer


“Daddy, can you tie my hair in a bun please?”

"Daddy, can you tie my hair in a bun please?"


Cutest mouse-pad we have seen on the Internet hands down!

Cutest mouse-pad we have seen on the Internet hands down!


Join In on the Fun Once in a While Mom!

As moms, we may find it difficult to let go of our sense of responsibility. Somehow motherhood is built up to be this super serious thing in our head, where we always have to ‘take care’ of things. But motherhood should also be filled with fun moments… and these will not happen if you are always serious!

Why so serious


So, moms, we urge you to let your hair down and join in on the fun once in a while! Nobody is going to give you an award, and Sweden is definitely not spying on you or eyeing you as the next contender for the Nobel Prize award! So indulge in your children once in a while.

No matter how they spend it, dads and kids need time together to strengthen their bond. As a mom, you must ignore and make light of the often messy repercussions of such bonding time. From strange dance moves to your child flaunting funny hairstyles, chances are you’ll find a lot to tickle your funny bone!

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