How to Regain Your Husband's Attention If You Feel Neglected in Your Marriage

Reclaim your Husband’s Undivided Attention

You might feel unloved at times in your marriage. So how to deal with a husband who neglects you? Make little changes that show him he can’t do without you. Take control and make him give you the attention you deserve.

The job you do as a wife and a mom may go unnoticed at times. This doesn’t mean you’re lacking in anything; however, your husband just needs a gentle reminder. Win back his attention with a few simple ways.

Tips on How to Deal with Your Husband Who Neglects You

1. Let Him Know How You Feel

While your man might bring you your favourite flowers every once in a while, it’s not enough. So, what to do when your husband neglects you and doesn’t seem to know it? Recognition of the hard work you put into raising the children and keeping the house running should never go unnoticed. If you feel neglected, make sure you make it known to him. Tell him you appreciate the little gestures, and that a few appreciative words and some help wouldn’t hurt.

2. Lay The Groundwork

Build a solid foundation where everyone in the family appreciates each other. When both partners create an environment where every special thing doesn’t go unnoticed, it paves the way for mutual respect. Inculcate in your children a culture of saying ‘Thank you’ for every deed done. You won’t often feel the pangs of relationship neglect when you make these small yet important changes.

3. The Dual Effect

Feeling neglected by your husband? Maybe you’ve unknowingly neglected him, too. When we work on being the best partner we can be, appreciation comes naturally. Take the time to tell your husband how much you appreciate his hard work and how you respect his efforts to provide for the family. In turn, he’ll learn to pay more attention to you too. Soon, you’ll be showing each other just how important and appreciated you both are.

 The dual effect

4. Don’t Let Sex Take a Back Seat

If you’re wondering how to get the attention of your husband, maybe you need to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex is important to a man and to a woman. It connects and rebuilds ties. Buy new lingerie or try a little role play. When he sees the effort you’re making, he’ll appreciate you and may do the same.

5. Never Stop Dating

Being married doesn’t mean that your relationship shouldn’t be fresh and exciting. Date nights are a great way for couples to reconnect. Even if it’s been a while since he’s asked you out, make sure you take the initiative. Dates are perfect for long conversations. With free-flowing wine and good food comes a truckload of compliments and words of appreciation. Don’t sit around waiting for a miracle when feeling under-appreciated; when your husband neglects you, take matters into your own hands!

Feeling neglected in marriage? These tips to help you claim your husband’s undivided attention are sure to make an impression. Ensuring that your man respects your contribution to the family and to the marriage isn’t too much to ask for. When you know how to apply the right amount of pressure, he will sit up and take notice!

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