Expecting a Word of Appreciation this Mother's Day

8 Things Moms do Every Day that they Really Wish You’d Notice

For all that mothers do to keep the family running like a well-oiled machine, it’s rare that you get any help or even appreciation. Aside from caring for the kids, there are numerous chores around the house that always fall on you to complete. For an Indian mom, irrespective of whether she’s a stay-at-home-mom or a working mother, every day is a series of seemingly unending tasks. These are things that are of importance to the whole family. But even then, they often go unnoticed…

Moms really are the backbone of every family. In between taking care of the kids, they shoulder the housework, manage expenses, and address everyone’s problems. What’s more, you don’t hear them complain often. But just because they don’t harp on about it doesn’t mean they don’t welcome appreciation from time to time. Research also agrees: it has been proven that moms have it far more stressful than dads while raising kids. While dads get to enjoy the fun side of parenting, moms have to take on the stressful side and sacrifice on the leisure and togetherness. Not just as parents, but also as wives and daughters-in-law, Indian women continue to have a hard time.

“Unprepared and with very little support system we raise our kids. That’s another reason why Indian moms are always stressed. The amount of unsolicited advice they get from relatives, family and friends- on how to feed the baby, should they be breastfed or formula fed, etc. Besides, Indian women are also always under the pressure of being judged for their actions. For instance – the kid is wearing mismatched clothes, and being packed to school with the horrible lunch crammed in an equally horrible looking box. Oh, why?”

Don’t let it come to this, moms. Re-evaluate these things that you do every day but that usually go unnoticed. It is time to start looking after yourself a bit more by getting help with all these tasks. That you stay in good health and stress-free is important for the whole family and getting them to help you is the only way to get this done!

1. You’re The One Picking Up After The Kids

It could be folding the kids’ clothes or collecting dirty cups and bowls for washing. But, picking up after the children and even after the hubby is something that every mom does. As often as you do it, it’s only rarely that you get a ‘thank you’ from the family, let alone some help. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone chipped in? If only!

2. You’re The One Washing The Dishes after and In-Between Meals

A big time-consumer especially if you have several children, this has to be one of the worst – it’s endless! And no, it’s not only washing the dishes after meals but every other hour. A glass here, a plate there – you never knew you had so many utensils in the house! Maybe it’s time to set a rule. Strictly no eating in between meals!

washing dishes

3. You’re The One Making The Beds for The Entire Household

Easy to do, but why is it that you end up with bed-making duty every day? You don’t mind doing it for the little ones, but it’s about time that hubby and the older children pull their weight. This could be rule number two!

4. You End Up Feeding Everyone But Skip Meals Yourself

After getting the entire family warm, delicious meals, you are often left too tired to arrange a proper one for yourself. You either eat in a rush, wolfing down your food hurriedly, or just skip your meals altogether. All because you don’t have help with the cooking and cutting – something that your husband and even the kids can surely help you with.

5. You’re The One Balancing Unrealistic Expectations from The In-Laws

You shouldn’t take up a job if you want to. You should be an excellent cook. You should be ready to entertain last-minute guests all the time. And after doing all this, there is not the slightest chance of appreciation because this is “your duty” as an Indian wife and mom. Ladies, if your in-laws put you through such unrealistic expectations, it is not your duty to balance them all. Doing so will only drain you out. Instead, talk to them honestly about these things and arrive at an arrangement that suits everyone.

6. You’re The One Responsible for Stressful Parenting Tasks

Potty training, waking up at night to calm or feed your baby, introducing him to solid foods, changing diapers – these aren’t tasks that you have sole responsibility for. Parenting is a team effort. Your husband should help you deal with these tasks and cut down your stress. Not only will this be beneficial for you, but it will also help build a stronger bond between daddy and baby!

7. You’re The One Chasing The Dust Bunnies Away

Dust is quick to collect but annoying to clean. And, it takes up so much time especially if you have many things in the house. Kiddie playthings, bookshelves, tabletops; it’s always your job to clean! Wouldn’t it be great to hear someone say “Thank you so much for keeping my room clean!” every once in a while?

8. You’re The One Doing The Grocery Shopping Even after a Long Day

You’re not the only one who eats, so why is it that you somehow always end up with grocery shopping duty? You make up the shopping list too, which isn’t all that easy considering everyone wants to have different things. What you wouldn’t give to dump it all on someone else!

Moms seem to be the best jugglers. Many don’t complain about all the things they have to do. But getting even a little appreciation goes a long way in making you feel good. It’s the little things that count, after all, and every mom deserves thanks and praise. We recommend that if you too are going through such under-appreciation at home and are being taken for granted, put an end to it immediately. Looking after yourself is critical to keep your family happy and in good working order!

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