PM Modi Just Helped Save The Life of This 8-Day Old Baby Girl From Assam

PM Modi Just Helped Save The Life of This 8-Day Old Baby Girl From Assam!

The arrival of a baby in the family is a cause of celebration like never before. But sometimes, this celebration is marred by complications in the baby’s birth – complications that can even be life threatening. Thanks to advancement in medical science, the team of doctors looking after the delivery has become the life saver in many cases like these. Recently, an 8-day-old baby girl from Dibrugarh, Assam, was also going through one such life threatening condition. But in her case, Indian PM Narendra Modi himself turned out to be the one who gave her a new lease of life…

This baby girl was born in Dibrugarh, Assam, a few days ago. Her parents – Mom Himakshi and Dad Dhrubajyoti – both come from a middle class background. While her father works in Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer, her mother is a primary school teacher. The birth of their baby was a moment of immense joy for the parents. However, the happiness was short-lived.

Their baby was born with a serious condition called ‘Meconium Aspiration Syndrome’. The baby’s first poop had entered the lungs and partially or completely blocked the airways. The little girl was fighting for life, in the first few days of her arrival itself.

What is Meconium Aspiration Syndrome?

Meconium is the dark green faecal material produced in the intestines of the baby before birth. In fact, a newborn passes meconium stools for the first few days of their life (this is the almost black poop you must have seen your little one pass after birth).

However, sometimes, due to the stress a baby experiences before or during birth, the meconium stool can get passed when the baby is in the uterus itself. This stool thereafter mixes with the amniotic fluid that surrounds the foetus. Simply put, this means that the baby could inhale the meconium and amniotic fluid mixture shortly before, during or after birth. This condition is known as Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (or MAS).

MAS isn’t life threatening in many cases. However, if the condition of the newborn continues to worsen, MAS could even prove to be fatal.

Saving The 8 Day Old Baby Girl

The baby girl was struggling in the hospital for several days. But her condition kept worsening. She needed more advanced treatment which could only be given to her in Delhi. The doctors in Assam decided to carry out an emergency air transfer via an air ambulance so the baby could reach Delhi quickly. The main challenge, however, was to ensure she reached the Delhi hospital in time for proper medical assistance to be provided to her. Any delay in her transfer could turn out to have serious consequences.The ambulance was supposed to reach IGI airport in Delhi at approximately 7 PM. And this is the time when the traffic on Delhi roads is at its peak because of the evening rush hour! The baby girl was breathing with the assistance of her respiratory machine. A delay would not just mean delay in bringing her medical treatment but also the scary possibility that her machine could malfunction or run out of time…

This is where the honourable Prime Minister of India stepped in. With clear instructions to the Delhi Police, he himself made sure that the traffic was completely clear for the rescue team. This traffic-free passage from the airport to the hospital ensured that the team could carry out the transfer in time, without any hassle. The newborn managed to reach the hospital with exactly seven minutes left in her respiratory machine! She has been admitted to Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi. As per the doctors, she is still suffering from persistent pulmonary hypertension. But the good news is that she is out of danger and is slowly but steadily recovering.

Without the Prime Minister’s intervention, it would have been an almost impossible task to make this possible in time. At a time where every second is precious, this move by Mr. Modi was instrumental in saving the newborn’s life.

The Prime Minister’s Move Proved to be a Boon for The Baby and Her Parents

Dhrubajyoti Kalita, the father of the infant, had long been making several attempts to get help for his daughter. But nothing had worked out. He says that the Prime Minister was nothing less than a ‘God’ in their lives. When everything had seemed extremely bleak, he turned out to be the ray of hope that gave them the strength to fight this through.

“He is our God today. We sought help from several influential people, including a top IPS officer from northeast working with Delhi police. Nobody did anything. We did not know what would happen to our daughter.The way we were received at the airport was beyond our imagination. Delhi police was extremely cordial and professional. We cannot thank enough the Prime Minister and Delhi police”.

Every life is precious. With his quick thinking and thoughtful assistance, the Prime Minister has certainly proved how, as the leader of this country, he will take every measure to safeguard our lives. This certainly sets an example for other leaders to follow when it comes to a medical emergency, where a second lost could become a life lost.

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