I Am in Bliss After Giving Birth to My Child, and Being Reborn By God's Grace

I Am in Bliss After Giving Birth to My Child, and Being Reborn By God’s Grace

There is a saying that delivering a child is the re-birth for a women. And I actually had a re-birth with my second child. In my first pregnancy everything was very smooth. I was supposed to be nervous and worried about so many things being pregnant for the first time. But everything was going well and I enjoyed it a lot. Delivery also turned out to be smooth, with 3 to 4 hours of labour pain. I gave birth to my baby boy Aayush who is now 10 years old. But in my second pregnancy, in the 5th month, I was diagnosed with Pulmonarythoumbo embolism. In our India it’s very rare that pregnant women get this disease. I would to get 4 injections a day from September to January, and I literally used to scream with pain with every single injection. My body parts got swelling and blue marks which are there even after 3 months post delivery. I got admitted in the ICU for 4 days and 10 days in a ward. Doctors said that there is only a 20 per cent chance of my well-being as it is a high-risk pregnancy. They said I could go into a coma or be in the ICU for a prolonged period of time, on ventilation, etc, etc.My delivery date was in January, but the doctors admitted me one month earlier for safe consignment. Each day was passing in fear, excitement and worry for my elder son. I was not allowed to get a private room as doctors wanted to keep an eye on me 24/7. Neither my elder son was allowed to meet me often.I had the excitement for the coming little one, but being away from my Aayush for so many days was killing me. I spend new year’s night with some new mommies and a few expecting mothers as my family was not allowed to meet me after 6 pm. That night, I cried hiding myself under the blanket as it was my first new year’s night without my family.As the delivery day was coming closer I started thinking, “mera kya hoga?” But God had already decided my fate. I kept my belief in God. My family prayers were answered and I gave birth to my baby, and God gave birth to me. I’m still on medication for a year to cure the disease, but my baby’s smile has made me forget all the pain and mental trauma I went through for 5 months of my pregnancy.

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