Colic in Newborn Babies – How to Deal with It

Hi, I am a mother of a newborn and I have experienced many new things. I want to share some of the tips with you as well so that it can help you as well. I would like to share with you how you can deal with a colic problem in babies. But first, let’s understand what is colic.

What is Colic?

Colic is similar to a gas problem; babies sometimes swallow air during crying and feeding, which makes gas bubbles in their tummy and cause gas and pain in babies.

If your baby has a gas problem, then he/she will feel irritated, uncomfortable, and will put his/her legs up. All babies have gas problems during the initial months especially from 2nd to 4th months. Babies feel uncomfortable and cry a lot.

Many old ladies suggest to give ghutti or some other home remedies, but please avoid giving anything to your baby as it may affect their digestive system. Here are some tips which I followed and it helped me a lot.

I Hope These Will Help You Too

  • If you are breastfeeding, take care of your diet, take more liquids, and avoid gassy food.
  • Make sure baby is latching properly.
  • While feeding your baby, always keep your baby’s head high approximately at 45 degrees angle so that milk can flow easily.
  • Feed the baby in sitting position, don’t lie down and feed.
  • Burp the baby after every feed. It may take 10-15 minutes sometimes.
  • Apply hing paste on your baby’s tummy. Mix a pinch of hing with warm water and apply.
  • Massage your baby’s tummy in a circular motion gently.
  • Do some cycling exercise with your baby’s legs.
  • Bring your baby’s legs to his/her tummy, it will easily pass the gas.
  • Let the baby lie down on his/her tummy for a few minutes and gently massage on his/her back.
Try these remedies it will surely help you as well. Have a good time with your baby.


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