One and One Equals Three: Together, We Can Be Better Parents for Our Little Ones

One and One Equals Three: Together, We Can Be Better Parents for Our Little Ones

“Rishabh, Rishabh”, she had been calling him since long. The food was served and the baby was sleeping. This was the only time they could talk to each other. Being parents to a five-month-old had been an exhausting journey for them. Days had never been so short, and nights, so long. It truly had been a roller coaster ride; sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating. But of course, the joy of seeing their baby smile made them forget everything else.

Shaina was lost in thoughts about how lucky she had been to have Raina and Rishabh in her life – two people who completed her being. Out of everything, she was truly glad to have Rishabh by her side, always. She had personally witnessed many newbie dads who never contributed to any part of their child’s upbringing – with Rishabh, she couldn’t think of a single activity in Raina’s life that Rishabh wasn’t aware of. From giving her a bath to feeding her; from changing her diapers to singing her lullabies, all of it was mastered by him. He would make sure to be there during vaccinations, doctor’s visits, or simply to spend time with her. He made sure to be there physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Rishabh understood the challenges of parenting and never made her feel that it was only her responsibility to take care of Raina. From the day she was expecting until the present, he was around to be with her unconditionally. Though they had their differences, never did those issues come in the way of sharing responsibility for Raina. She had many friends who had the full burden of responsibility for their child, and the fathers were only physically present. The maximum load they shared was carrying the diaper bag. Shaina was pondering over all this when she realised how She and Rishabh were successful parents. With the way they had mutually shared the load and the love for Raina, they were truly 1+1=3.

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