Moms Like Holidays Too! An Idea to Find One Day of No Work!

Moms Like Holidays Too! An Idea to Find One Day of No Work!

Ever wondered what goes through a mom’s mind when others at home are asked about how their day was. This particular question, normally being asked around the evening, means that the other person’s day at work is finally over, and now it’s family time. How funny it is that a mom who starts work before everyone wakes up and continues working after everyone goes to sleep is rarely asked to her because her day never ends.

Moms slog day and night to make sure that every single member of the family is taken care of and treated in the best way possible. Even family members understand that being a mom isn’t quite an easy job and the best way to detach from the daily monotonous routine is to go on a holiday and create some great memories with the loved ones. Thinking about holidays brings joy and excitement to our minds!

Moms participate equally in holiday planning, dates, places, and packing all essentials, too. However, do they actually get a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays? They mostly continue doing 80% of what they do at home except for cooking meals, isn’t it? And, during these pandemic times, it is even more difficult to visit somewhere for a holiday without worrying. So here is an idea for all Moms to enjoy a holiday at home. Read on and share it with your family to make it work.

Choose this “One Day” on which you want to take a holiday. Plan everything in advance for this day so you can clear all the pending tasks like laundry, grocery, homework, etc. Now for that day, plan a simple breakfast like cucumber delight sandwiches with juice or simply bread-butter-sugar sandwiches (recipe in comments). Keep disposables to avoid doing dishes and order food from outside for the rest of the day. Make a self-service counter for refreshments, including sachets of tea, coffee, milk powder, sugar, juice tetra packs, and an electronic kettle (you can keep a flask of hot water also) just like a hotel room. Keep enough water bottles and big water jugs to suffice through the day so that you don’t have to get up to fill a single glass of water. Make personal snack kits for every member and discuss items to be kept in them. Hand over the kits to everyone. Now sit back, relax, sleep, play a family game or watch a movie without disturbance and absolutely without worries!

Try this at your home and let me know your experience of this unique kind of holiday at home. If it works, you can have holidays like this regularly and add your own fun ideas to it like doing furniture rearrangements to give it a look, like a hotel room. After all, moms like holidays too!

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