My child's Care, Development, and Improvements - How My Husband Supported Me

My child’s Care, Development, and Improvements – How My Husband Supported Me

My due date of delivery was April 17th but my son was born on March 28th. The previous night my water broke and I was taken to the hospital. The next morning my labour was induced. It took many hours to deliver my baby due to sudden water breakage, and his heartbeats were low. He didn’t cry after being born. At night he suffered fits and for the next five days, he had been under observation for fits in the NICU and proper medicines were given to him. He kept on sleeping continuously due to high dosage of medicines. I took my milk and fed him.

My paediatrician said observe him keenly for the first 6 months. l could not say that he was perfect nor could I say abnormal. My in-laws started to ask why was he not normal during that time. They asked me “Why was he not laughing like others infants in their 3rd month? Is there any problem?” Those words hurt me, but I didn’t lose hope on him. Basically, I am an optimistic person, so regularly I cradled him and said, “you are a very good boy with an active brain. Your heart lungs and all parts of your body are good. You can walk you can talk well. I am eagerly waiting to play with you.”

Now he is a very active and good observer. He can understand my words easily. My paediatrician praised him that he was perfectly alright and he is an intelligent boy. He appreciated me for his improvement and he said that my son became normal because of me. A mother has more power to cure a baby than the doctors. Not only mother alone can do everything but a father also, because without my husband’s support and encouragement I may not have faced those hurdles alone. He boosted me when I felt low; he made me feel that l can do it. So, dear parents, be positive with your children and don’t lose hope. We can mould them well with our positive words and attitude towards them.

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