Pregnancy Care, Risks, and Health – The Importance of a Gynaecologist and Parents

Pregnancy Care, Risks, and Health - The Importance of a Gynaecologist and Parents

The most awaited phase of my life to become a mother came true. When I conceived I had a severe cold and cough. At that point, I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I had a lot of medicines but my periods skipped. I searched on Google after having medicines – ‘what happens if you skip your periods’. I found a lot of answers and then thought of using a pregnancy kit to check wheater I was pregnant or not. The results were positive. My next thought was which gynaecologist should I go. I asked my cousins then consulted a gynaecologist. I told her that I had lots of medicine so what about the side effects of those medicines. She said don’t worry things will be fine.

I used to stand and make chapatis and sweep the floor. when I felt pain in my pubic bone, I consulted my gynaecologist; she was very good and she said everything will be alright. My parents also always stood by me, but I had no support from my in-laws. I was emotionally weak. My parents took me home and took care of me. Regular check-ups, proper food, rest, and exercise became my routine. My parent’s told me that my child should be my priority and nothing else. They told me to treat myself the best and I will be rewarded.

During the last months of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high BP. But proper intake of medicines helped me a lot. All thanks to my gynaecologist. A good gynaecologist is very important. She was very helpful and I could share things with her, which helped me a lot. From the start of my pregnancy, I had almonds, banana, milk, and other nutritious fruits, except jackfruit, pineapple, and papaya – and no fish as well. My due date was near, but I didn’t have labour pain. I was asked to get admitted in the hospital and labour was induced twice. I was given pain injections. I had a normal delivery. By God’s grace, I am blessed with a daughter.

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