Clarifying Some Myths About Nebulisation

Clarifying Some Myths About Nebulisation

These days, it is common for parents to say ‘NO’ to nebulisation. The main fear the parents have regarding nebulisation is that it’s ‘addictive’ and is strictly for ‘asthmatics’. I would like to clear some myths regarding nebulisation here. Following are a few of the most common myths surrounding nebulisation for kids.

1. Myth-
Nebulisation is addictive.

Nebulisation is just a method in which the medicine is delivered to attain the most of it. It’s absolutely not addictive, as the medication used in it does not have addictive potential.

2. Myth-
It has many side effects.

During nebulisation, the medicine is directly delivered in lungs, where it has to work. This lowers the chances of any side effects, in comparison to oral medicines, which disperse throughout the body while reaching the lungs.

3. Myth-
It requires a very high dose.

Since nebulisation is a targeted treatment option, the medicine dose administered through it is very less, in comparison to oral medicines.

4. Myth-
Nebulisation harms younger babies.

Small babies can not cough out the phlegm on their own and, thus, it gets congested. Nebulizers help them get relief from the congestion than doing any harm to them.

5. Myth-
It can only be used by ‘asthmatics’.

Nebulisation not only works in asthma but does magic in other situations like HRAD, WALRI, bronchiolitis, allergic congestion etc

6. Myth-
It’s very expensive.

If you compare the price of tablets or syrups with the vial of nebulization medicine, you will notice that the cost of the vial is very less, as compared to tablets or syrups

Also, there are portable nebulisers available these days, making them user-friendly too.

Hope I am successful in breaking most of the myths about nebulisation. Please do not hesitate to nebulise your child if prescribed by the specialist, as it’s the best and safest way to treat airway issues.

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