21st Century India : Is It Safe for the Girl Child?

Today, a woman faces rape, molestation, harassment, abuse and many more atrocities in her daily life. Each day, as I turn the pages of a newspaper, or check social media, it leaves me ashamed. This is definitely, not the ‘India’ we have dreamed of. Somewhere, it is also the system and the laws that have failed. If such cases continue, we can only imagine the ‘India’ we will be passing on to our next generation.

Increase in such crimes implies the girl child is not safe, irrespective of age. I was shocked when I read about the rape of a 3 months old baby! This only indicates the sick intention towards a baby girl.
Let’s put an end to this, by taking a few steps. Since candlelight marches, protests, and posting on social media, may not be the permanent solution, what can be done?

First and foremost, start respecting the women around you. As learning begins at home, teach your kids well, and they will learn how to behave with women. Also, parents should have an open mindset towards their kids, as they grow up.

Secondly, we should teach our boys to be humble and to change their outlook towards girls of their age. This can be possible if sexual education classes are introduced and made mandatory in schools.

Thirdly, implementation of strong laws against such cases can minimise or prevent them. Today, no laws are enforced against such crimes, and hence they are increasing in number. Strict laws will induce fear, which will then inhibit such cases.

Lastly, it has been observed in most Indian families, that a lot of restrictions are imposed on girls. It’s high time we treat both girls and boys equally. Begin with baby steps. Start from one’s own home, and one day, India will be completely safe for the girl child. It’s only then, that we can proudly proclaim that we live in a country where our girls are able to leave their own homes safely, irrespective of the time. That will be the day we celebrate as our true Independence day!

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