Role Reversal In Baby Care: Let The Baby Bond With Daddy!

Role Reversal in Baby Care: Let the Baby Bond With Daddy!

Time to feed your baby a bowl of dal rice? Or a fruit, maybe?

Wait, no need to do it every time all by yourself! Baby’s dad is there to help! Just let him feed the baby for a change.

Time to change baby’s nappy? Sit back and relax sometimes. Baby’s dad will do it.

Hey mommies, how would you feel if it’s actually happening in real life?

Sadly in real life, following is the most typical picture seen in most of the households – A mom, whether working or stay-at-home (it doesn’t matter much), does all the baby related stuff at any time of the day as well as the night. Feeding, changing nappies, getting baby ready to go out, washing baby’s clothes, making baby sleep are primarily considered as ‘her’ tasks. Many times, it’s all done by sacrificing and neglecting her own meal times, sleep hours, and hence, affecting her overall health.
Then what does a dad do? He sits, reads newspapers, checks his phone, plays with the baby when he gets time or when the baby is playful; occasionally he might help in the above-mentioned tasks if needed. But will he be doing all these tasks independently, with all the responsibility? A rare thing!
It’s time we bring some changes to the baby care routine in this new year.
You can assign one day in a week or some particular time of the day, when your baby is in dad’s care, with no instructions, no interventions, no questions asked from your side! It’s important to trust your partner in whatever he does, then only you will be able to actually use this ‘me time’ without worrying.
Baby and daddy bonding

Wouldn’t it be good for you?

You can be on your own, have meals quietly, have some free time, do exercises, finish off some important work, go out with friends or simply read a newspaper or a novel.
It’s vital for all the moms to relax a little bit. It will help in maintaining good health and relieving stress. It breaks the monotonous routine as well resulting in better subsequent baby care.
Also, dad will bond with the baby in a different way. The baby will enjoy the new experience with the unique style of bathing, feeding, bedtime stories and playtime with daddy! Baby will be happier for sure! It will help in teaching gender equality to the baby right from your own family. It’s also helpful in cases of emergencies like travelling, illness when you may not be there for the baby all the time.
So what are you waiting for? Implement the change and let your baby get showered with maximum love and care from both mom & dad equally!! ‘Mom=Dad’ impression will remain with the child forever!
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