Teaching Kids to Crawl Upstairs - 5 Effective Tips!

Teaching Kids to Crawl Upstairs – 5 Effective Tips!

Is your crawling little one trying to make his way upstairs by fumbling on the lowest stair? Do you want to help your child learn to crawl up the staircase safely? If you said yes, following some easy yet effective tips can help your dear child succeed in making his way up the staircase on his knees. Once your child masters the skill of crawling on the floor around the house, he is sure to try crawling upstairs by using his hands and knees once he happens to come across the stairs. And a little boost from you can help him achieve success in crawling upstairs. Read on to find some helpful tips to help your child crawl upstairs.

As your baby approaches his first birthday, he tends to crawl on the ground efficiently. And, this is the time when your baby will try to make his way upstairs. Here we list some effective tips that will help your child succeed in crawling up the staircase.

1. Encourage Crawling Up Skills with Soft Cushions

Before your kid crawls up the stairs, encourage his climbing skills with the help of some soft objects. Use padded cushions, pillows, piles of mats, and other safe objects to teach your kid to first crawl up one of these objects. For instance, place a big over padded cushion on the floor near your crawling baby and encourage your kid to crawl up on it. Once your kid succeeds in crawling on these safe objects, he can easily crawl up the staircase.

2. Place Colourful Toys on The Stairs

Once your kid masters crawling up on a cushion, encourage him to crawl up the stairs gradually. Place your kid on his knees and hands near the lowest step of the staircase and place some colourful, attractive toys on the second last step. Encourage your little one to crawl up the lowest step to get the toy, and you will see your kid crawling up the step to get his hands on the toys. Now place the toys on the third last step and encourage your kid to crawl one more step. Follow this with all the steps to enhance your kid’s skill to crawl upstairs.

3. Teach Step-By-Step Crawling Skill to Crawl Upstairs

If you find your baby fumbling while crawling up the steps of a staircase, teach him step-by-step. The steps include:

  • First, place your kid on the floor near the lowest step. Balance him on his knees and palms.
  • Guide your child to lift one palm and place it on the lowest step. Then, lift the other palm and place it on the same step.
  • Lastly,help your kid lift one of his knees and place it on the lowest step. Then, lift the other knees and place on the same step.

Repeating this a few times daily will help your baby crawl over the steps all by himself. While your kid tries to crawl up the staircase, always stay behind him to ensure his safety and prevent him from getting hurt.

4. Make Your Baby Wear Short Sleeved Clothes

Make sure your baby has short-sleeved clothes on her hands and legs so that they don’t interfere in her crawling-up-the-stairs efforts. Avoid making your kid wear long sleeved clothes as they can obstruct your baby while he crawls upstairs and increase the risk of falls and injuries.

5. Appreciate Your Kid’s Crawling Upstairs Efforts

Appreciating your kid’s efforts to crawl upstairs is bound to boost his morale and encourage him to keep crawling up the staircase. Clap your hands with a smile on your face once your baby succeeds in crawling the lowest step of the staircase. Say ‘Good’ and keep clapping. This will encourage your child to crawl up the staircase with persistent efforts.

Did you encourage your kid to crawl upstairs? Which tips worked the best to help your kid succeed? Share your experience and tips with other moms by leaving a comment below.

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