All About Diapers! Is It Safe for Your Baby or Not?

All About Diapers! Is It Safe for Your Baby or Not?

“Is diaper safe or not?”A question in every mommies mind either she is expecting a child or a mommy of newborn. Different people have different reviews regarding this. Elders usually keep diapers in unsafe category. According to them nowadays mommies using diapers for there convenience.They even think that wearing diapers can widen his legs and can cause infertility too.This is wrong.According to modern mommies they know what is best for their babies. Diapers are very much convenient for working ladies as they know they have to keep there child to maid in this way they can’t trust baby sitters .

Diapers are made of breathable material which are specially designed for newborns and it’s totally safe. Diapers used with proper precautions will never harm at all.

Cloth Diapers v/s Disposable Diapers

Generally new mommies get confused between cloth diapers and disposable diapers.Both have it’s own advantage and disadvantage.

1. Cloth Diapers


One of major advantage of cloth diapers is that it’s cheaper than disposable diapers.No need to buy bulk.just wash well and reuse again.It also makes toilet training easier for child


it is more time consuming then disposable diapers.If baby spoiled it first you have to wash it immediately then put another diaper which is much time consuming.

2. Disposable Diapers


It consumes less time.just take it off, roll it and throw it in dustbin. It is easy to carry a baby in disposable diapers without worrying about pee or poop.


Damaged or soiled disposable diapers can cause pollution and it’s non bio-degradable.

Things to Keep in Mind while Diapering a Baby

  1. Keep an eye on babies skin while changing diapers .Some babies have sensitive skin so check if there is any rash on diaper area
  2. It is important to change diapers frequently.Must change diapers after every 3 to 4 hours.  Keeping baby in wet diapers can increase chances of catching cold.
  3. If baby poop in diaper then it’s important to change diapers immediately
  4. Always keep extra diapers in bag or purse to make your outing easy

How to Make Baby Wear a Diaper

  1. Open diaper and keep it under your baby,lift his legs and feet gently.Back part of diaper should be about level with babies bellybutton
  2. Bring front part of diaper up between babies legs and also into his belly
  3. Stick tape from both sides carefully .it should not be very tight or loose.

How to Choose a Diaper Size

For new born babies you can try two sizes either extra small or small.As baby grow weight increases go with size according to weight as mention on every pack of diaper. Always go for lil loose diaper to avoid rashes .

Rash Free Diapers

  1. Diapers used with proper precautions will never harm at all. Tips to prevent rashes
  2. Before diapering a baby always apply coconut oil first.
  3. When you remove diaper first clean it with water then apply oil then make him wear diaper.
  4. Always choose a little big size or loose to prevent baby from rashes.
  5. Change diapers frequently. Dont keep baby in spoiled diaper otherwise it can cause rashes

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