The Forgotten Art of Playing Outdoors in Today's Era and Its Side Effects!

The Forgotten Art of Playing Outdoors in Today’s Era and Its Side Effects!

We are in the era where parents get excited if their 6-month-old starts holding the phone or their 1-year-old tries to speak on the phone or make them look at the videos, be it lullabies or anything and feed them- that’s what we call distracted feeding. We feel so good because the baby is feeding and not fussing but at the same time, we don’t realize that we are doing it all wrong! Yes, distracted feeding has long-term damages for our babies such as, we make them look at a thing which harms their eyes and get them into a bad habit of being stuck to the phones. The topic I’m writing about today is the same that how we have forgotten to let our babies play outdoors with the actual toys!

We have replaced the tiny music instruments with the mobile phone which helps them get a sense of rhythm and different tunes which is really important for brain development. We replaced building and outdoor toys/games with TV, in spite of the fact that outdoor games are not only important for their physical wellness and growth as well as for their brain development. The most important thing they learn by playing outdoors with other kids is the art of sharing with others, how to be kind towards other kids and bring them a step closer to making a better human in the future.

By letting them play more and more outdoors than keeping them stuck to mobile and TV which does a lot of eye and brain and other terms of physical harm (we are not even getting into the medical term here it’s absolutely basic and simple) will do them good for a lifetime. The stronger the bones and brain, the brighter the future of our babies, isn’t it ? Being a parent and a mother, specially, I understand we have to do chores throughout the day and we get so much little time but still with the given situation what’s the best we can do? The answer is ladies, instead of getting them an iPad or anything similar buy them wooden and other brain development toys. Starting from stacker toys to building and puzzles. Our fantastic FirstCry app has a super wide range of toys to keep our babies busy while we can have a moment for ourselves and whenever we can get them out to play we must do that in order to get ourselves some fresh air as well. Won’t you all agree, we need a little break as well!

Let’s start from a little step by start feeding them off TV and phones and see the wonders your baby can do! Much love and support from this momma.

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