Winter Diarrhoea - A Common Problem during Winter and our Experience

Winter Diarrhoea – A Common Problem during Winter and our Experience

Its January and winter is at its peak. Winters are the most difficult time for babies. Baby care during winters is challenging. It’s the time when your baby may catch infections or may just suffer due to temperature extremities. Winter diarrhoea is one common problem babies may face during winters.

Our Experience

A few days ago, we went out early morning with our five-month-old. We came back 5 hours later and the baby started passing greenish loose stools. First, she did it three times. The frequency increased to 10-12 times from next day. The baby was otherwise fine and well fed. We consulted our paediatrician and he diagnosed it to be winter diarrhoea. He suggested a probiotic for 5 days, a zinc solution for 14 days and ORS. He further suggested keeping the baby hydrated. It took her 10 days to get well.

Is It Serious?

Winter diarrhoea is not a life-threatening condition but still very uncomfortable for babies. So, the following conditions should not be ignored:

  • If the baby is not active enough
  • If the baby is not passing urine (at least 6 times a day)
  • If the stool is too smelly or has blood in it
  • If the baby is not taking feed properly

If you observe any of the above symptoms, do consult your paediatrician as soon as possible.

What We Learnt from the Experience

  • The most important thing in winters is to keep your baby hydrated.
  • Keep your baby warm enough and cover their palms with gloves or mittens while going outside, as babies take their fingers in their mouth which can cause infection.
  • Allow your baby to rest well.
  • Postpone any scheduled vaccination when your baby is not well.

Do not ignore any symptom which is not normal for your baby as every baby is different.

Happy winters

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