My Miraculous Journey to Motherhood - Dealing with Infertility and Cherishing All Odds

My Miraculous Journey to Motherhood – Dealing with Infertility and Cherishing All Odds

My dream of becoming a mother was not easy. I was unable to conceive for four years of my marriage due to PCOS. Even after going through constant medical treatments, I failed to conceive. Suddenly I came to know about a relative who has the same medical condition but had conceived. I asked her and went for the same treatment from the same place. After about three months and three cycles of the treatment, I conceived.

When two treatment cycles failed, I wasn’t hopeful that the third will be a success. I already consulted with the doctor and was ready to do IVF if things didn’t work out. Luckily, after the third cycle of treatment, the pregnancy test came positive. That was the best day of my life. Actually, my journey to motherhood started from the day I was trying to get pregnant because I went through the same hardships that a mother would go through for her child.

I gave birth to a baby girl by normal delivery. My daughter is apple of my eye and is cherished by my whole family, and she is worth all the struggles. Now she is 7-month-old, and I’m enjoying every single day of motherhood. For me, it is a miracle by the God – the impossible miracle and blessing because I did not give up hope. To all the ladies who are dealing with infertility problem, I would say please be hopeful and positive. Don’t care if people judge you; it’s not a taboo, but just a medical condition. Majority of the conditions can be treated, and this one needs the right treatment. It’s true that motherhood completes a woman in a way but anyone who’s not able to conceive should not think it’s the end and only key to happiness.

Happiness is spiritual, we must fight and appreciate what God has blessed us with, not questioning ‘why me’, but embracing what we have been blessed with, even if they are hardships. These hardships make us strong, mature, and brave. I don’t regret anything because dealing with infertility made this experience of motherhood even more special – my bond with my baby special. In the end, I just want to say that for me, my baby will always be a miracle, and my journey to motherhood is miraculous.

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