Things That Change After Having a Baby and How to Take Care of Yourself

Things That Change After Having a Baby and How to Take Care of Yourself

A mother is someone who sacrifices her body, sleep, social life, money-spending habits, eating hot meals, peeing alone, patience, energy and sanity for the love of her child. When we were born, we were treated with all the love and care in the world. However, time flew, we got married, and entered a new phase, away from home and the love of our parents. This phase changed our life dramatically. Soon after, we became mothers taking care of our tiny bundles of joy. We are no less than superwomen! No doubt, motherhood transformed our lives, not only from the outside but also from within. We dedicated ourselves to our family and to raise our child. These changes can sometimes make you feel more stressed than usual. Here’s my take on how life changes after you become a mother.

Identity Change

Before becoming a mom, you are acknowledged for your own deeds, but after becoming a mother, all your acts are directed towards your child. The way you raise your child will be the judge of your personality more than anything else.

Excuse for a Social Life

Before having a child, you could easily make plans to hang out with your friends and family, but after you give birth to a child, you have to consider anything and everything while making a single plan. Recently, my cousin skipped a family gathering because her 5-month-old child kept crying one seeing so many new faces.

Career Perspective

Earlier, our career was our sole focus. We could even afford to take out time for our hobbies. Once the baby arrives, our career takes a backseat. Some mothers quit their jobs to look after their babies. However, those who handle both in the same run have to face many problems and make many sacrifices. It’s totally up to you to decide what you want.

These are some of my major experiences. Now let’s get to the point where we discuss how to get back to life in spite of all these changes. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Look for ways to connect with your friends. Friends always work as stress-busters, so try meeting them frequently. It’s true that it won’t be like it used to be before you had a child. Instead of spending the whole night talking and partying, you can visit them in public areas like playgrounds and malls that have enough to keep your kids occupied.

2. Say hello to hobbies. Pursuing your hobbies can make you feel energetic. Find out the time to do the things you like. Definitely, it is bound to be difficult in the beginning, but soon you’ll get the hang of it.

3. Reach out for help. This is the time to turn to your elders who will give you the best advice from their experiences. You can also hire domestic help/baby sitters to look after your baby while you rest for a while.

4. Groom yourself. Don’t forget to treat your skin and hair with natural packs and masks. Find out the time look after yourself. You can make time for this while someone else is looking after your baby. You can also opt for home services to pamper yourself while your baby is by your side. No doubt this phase is hectic! I hope these suggestions make it a little easier for you. Happy motherhood!

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