Vaccination – the Key to Healthy, Sickness-free Living for Babies

Vaccinations begin from the time you open your eyes on earth. It’s the key to healthy, sickness-free living for babies and cannot or should not be missed. It gives parents the assurance that their kid will be safe. There are two main types of vaccinations available in India – one that’s affordable for all, and one that’s painless which comes at an extra cost. I chose the painless one for my baby and it worked wonders. My Shaarav did not catch a fever post any of his vaccinations – just a little cry and then all was good. My baby just got a shot of swine flu recently, and one more is due for next month. I urge parents to not miss even a single shot of vaccination as it can spoil your child’s life properly. Take out the time to get your kid vaccinated or you will regret it for a lifetime. Healthy living comes with vaccinations!

I travel by the local train daily and see the differently-abled compartment, where a lot of polio-affected people travel. Somewhere, someday their parents missed to take out time to get them vaccinated and ruined their life. I feel so sorry to see them in pain. There are cases of swine flu in babies. If they were well-vaccinated they would never have contracted it‌, it’s that simple. We nurture our baby in the womb for 9 long months, then why don’t we take out time for getting them vaccinated?

Somewhere, some negligence on our part becomes a struggle for the kid for his entire life. So please take it seriously and pay close attention to your child’s vaccination schedule. Also, it is now easily available at all government hospitals, child care centres, hospitals, etc.

My kid has got all his doses on time and, touch wood, till this day hasn’t suffered even from fever. He is my heartbeat; how can I not let him live safe and healthy?

Live happily, stay calm, and definitely get your child his/her shots on time!

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