A Little Note for the Women Being Moms for the First Time

A Little Note for the Women Being Moms for the First Time

Life is crazy isn’t it.
But wait until a human pops out of your body and hello life gets crazier!

Hence, not just a child but a mom is born. Being mom comes naturally well not exactly because there is a lot,  I mean a lot to learn. Starting from how to feed your baby, change her nappy, put her to sleep and the list goes on and on. But being mom starts the moment you see her little face or maybe way ahead when you know that you have a tiny human being growing inside you. You eat right, sleep right and try to do everything right for the little one. And when she is born your happiness has no boundaries and your worries are limitless.

Being mom doesn’t come easy, you get consumed. There might be a lot of help but you think it’s only you who can do the best for her. No more coffee dates, no movie nights. Infact even career takes a set back. All for the li’l human being who is mini you. The eyebrows outgrown and pyjamas worn all day. You forget when was the last time you had seen yourself in the mirror. But everytime you hold her and look into her eyes, you see a beautiful mom.

Well that’s how moms are made and it’s all worth it, when there is a room full of people your baby will crawl to you and nobody else. It might be exhausting and life will be crazy with a baby but being mom is the most amazing feeling in the world. No other relationship so pure and true than to be a mom to a baby. Being mom is super power God gifted to women and it’s just so gratifying.

P.S  Lots of love to all those women who are being mom.

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