Marrying a Hostel Guy Makes Your Life So Easy and Enjoyable

Marrying a Hostel Guy Makes Your Life So Easy and Enjoyable

Social media has become an essential part of our life, everyone is checking it like we open refrigerator when hungry and find nothing. But social media can actually be a matchmaker. In my 20’s when I got a friend request from a guy who was my close friend’s cousin. I never thought he will become the most important person of my life. The best thing I found was he was a hosteler. He spent his 1st year of MBA in a hostel where horrible food was served. Then he shifted in flat with some friends there they started cooking on their own. Of course the internet helped them a lot. It was a life lesson. He understood cooking and organising the house is not that easy. He started feeling how women do this with that perfection having a smile on their face. With zero complaints. Moreover, they are handling their job along with household chores.

Since our childhood, we are hearing boys don’t do household work but let me tell you if that boy was at hostel then he can be better than a girl in household work. Hostel teaches a lot about self dependency. And that really helps.

We two ( I and my husband ) live far away from our family and during my pregnancy I realised how caring and helping he is. I saw him coming late from office and directly entering into kitchen no matter how tired he is. He cooks great! all my pregnancy craving were filled by him. Without going out side it was filled with healthy and home made food.
Other than kitchen laundry and housekeeping was also taken care by him. Though he belongs to a family where man does not go to the kitchen. But those 4 years of hostel had make him realise how difficult it is. It’s okay if sometimes Daal me namak kum ho gya ya kabhi chai me adrak jyada ho gayi. He never complaints because he understands.

I think every moment should teach their sons that house hold chores are not only woman’s responsibility, house belongs to both so as the responsibility.

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