Journey of Motherhood, Tough or Easy, Moms Have to Decide

Journey of Motherhood, Tough or Easy, Moms Have to Decide

Hi everyone. I am  writing this blog for first time ever. I am mother of 5 months old baby boy. This precious gem came into my life after 6 years. Thanks to Almighty.  But believe me I have become more concise. More patient and what not. Most importantly I am going to  discuss how baby can be kept happy n relaxed.

1. First of all dear moms just forget that nothing is  important than your newborn, and  be determined that you will not be able to sleep for at least a month. Accept the fact instead of cribbing.

2. Secondly get your massage done as well as baby too.  That will relax both mother and baby.

3. Be sure when your baby is sleeping that time you prepare his feeders etc I mean sterilisation. So when baby is about to awake you should be ready to feed him.  Don’t let baby cry a lot. These things keep on getting inculcated in baby (fussy behaviour).

4. Try having dry fruits.

5. Change diapers in 2-3 hours n during diaper change do massage baby legs.

6. Most  importantly don’t feel guilty if you are not breast feeding. Baby’s tummy should be filled so top feed your baby.

7. Do change baby clothes before night sleep.

8. Burp after every feed.

9. Check colic related pain. If necessary do cycling exercise to relieve pain..You can see you tube videos

10. Take care nose should not be blocked.  You cab give nasoclear drops after consulting doctor.

11. Give love pats n hugs whenever child stares at you

12. Keep your mobile aside when baby is in your laps.. Babies don’t like divided attention

13. You should make habit as a baby is born u should leave baby with grandparents for few possible hours. That makes baby habitual in going in multiple hands and not only parents.

14. Start going to office as soon as comfortable.

15. Never try to awaken baby. let him open his eyes when baby wants.

16. Play some devotional songs etc or poems when baby is being sponged. Or after / during bathing time.

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