Preterm Baby with Colic Issues: No Remedies Worked, Until These Wonders!

When we were blessed with our baby daughter, we were on cloud nine. The first month went pretty normal. I was having a peaceful time considering that raising kids was a piece of cake. But, as soon as my daughter entered her second month, she started crying hysterically. And, I realised that she would stop crying after passing gas that used to be really loud, just like how adults do it.

Hoping to resolve her inconsolable crying nights, I contacted approximately 5 doctors. I also ended up watching multiple videos on how to overcome colic issues. But, to my misery, neither the videos nor the recommendations of doctors worked, including putting heeng and oil paste on her navel, massage and giving drops. My baby was in a lot of pain. I even tried to make her sleep in an elevated posture. But, everything failed, to my utter disbelief.

Then, I came to my mother’s place, and one of my husband’s friends recommended me a senior lady doctor who was in her 70’s and would only see a few patients. I went to her, and to my disbelief, she prescribed two medicines that I clearly recalled from my childhood! To my surprise, I did not even have to give my daughter the prescribed drops, as the other medicine worked wonders.

It was after this that my belief in modern medications completely evaporated. I was always against allopathy, and this incidence only strengthened my belief. Till date, the old ayurvedic medicines work wonders. Today, my daughter is nine months old, and I still give her the drops twice a day. Because of it, she never got constipated and colicky. Her digestive system is also keeping up really well, with the grace of allopathy, and God, of course.

I wanted to share my experience with you all, because I may be not be the only mother going through this issue, that I was unable to find a solution for a problem as common as colic. Happy parenting!

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