Well This Changes Everything (A New Mom’s Confusion Post Delivery)

Well This Changes Everything (A New Mom's Confusion Post Delivery)

I casually took the test one day, and the 2nd line was so faint that I peed on it a little more for it to give me the news. Although still faint, boy did that line smack me right where it had to…right in the face. Then it all began. I had the chance and behaved like a complete baby. I saw the shots and took them and excelled at being irrational. Drove the big guy crazy with my pregnant mind games of mood swings, food cravings and other cravings ? Big guy got his way as well when he wanted his baby girl to listen to classical music through the placenta (btw dint know what it was or if it were some fancy word to describe a mundane flower). So he had me take music lessons till I was panting to sing the Aarohana of Kalyaani Raagam(very cool Raagam to be honest). You know what moms say right.. girls take after their dads.. well I didn’t have high hopes for this child ?  baby shower was a jackpot!  The free stuff came in like pink confetti. Well soon I was in the hospital. When the big guy saw the nurse unpacking the pink baby stuff, he couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Well.. it was D day, and I was on the table when only one thought kept crossing my mind when they were cutting me up. How much it seemed like fruit ninja(the game), except I was the fruit. Now I like to be surprised but, how did my baby girl have a little dangler down there?? I had no idea for a minute there!!

” Oh BOY ??”
P.S. just so I’m clear, it is a boy. Yeah. That’s it.

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