Life Turnover- Here Comes the News that Brought Me Pleasure in Life

Past days I have been worried about my ultrasound which was due for the 3rd month. Belonging to a family which is not a naive kind of orthodox… I thought they will probably ask me to take a sex determination checkup.
The day came and my husband asked me to go to the hospital for check up. I was very worried thinking that he might not have asked me yet but will ask me in the hospital, in fact, don’t ask me, just command me to do so… feeling sad I was going with him as I was thinking all this in my mind which was possibly my imagination.
My husband took the appointment and we were waiting for the doc to see me. I was still  thinking about what next… my husband got up and went to doc and talked something after which i went for a checkup… now I was sure what he would have said.. I was sad coz I can’t speak up…coz I am still thinking all in my mind.
I lay down… doctor checked me, she took almost half hour and then she said to get up….I asked doc what it is..doc laughed and said why are you worried..all good, baby is fine…I was still in my mind babble, she’ll say…she’ll say…but..
It was just a sentence; my baby is fine. I came out of the room and sat with the doctor, she suggested me some medicine and all good.
I was in my thoughts only about what my husband talked with the doctor.
Enough of thinking, straightforward I asked him, ” What did you say to the doc?”
My husband smiled and said” I told her, please check only is my baby fine, all good…my wife is very much worried.”
Listening to this I felt like… I was so dumb. My husband was concerned about our baby only and I was thinking what not…how stupid I am.
And after 6 months, I was blessed with a baby girl who my husband loves the most.
Sometimes what we observe or feel is completely related to our own thoughts and opinions.

It does not always happen as we think… things appear differently than what you must have concluded now. So, never overthink and let go of things. Think good, in return only good will come to you.. have a happy life ahead like me.

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