Importance of Bonding Between Parents and Child for a Healthy Future

importance of bonding between parents and child for a healthy future

We are in a era where no body has time, whether it is our child, our parents or even our friends. We are neglecting all our relations in this running world. But as far as kids are concerned, it is very important to spend time with them. To build up a good and healthy future generation we have nurture a healthy sapling who will turn into a healthy tree and then gives good quality fruit. This can also be taken into consideration if it is our child. If we want to make our child a good human being, the beginning is from her childhood.

Our kids are busy using gadgets, be it a laptop, TV, mobile phone, iPad, tablets, etc. and parents are willingly giving them these gadgets as they don’t have time to spend with them. By doing such things, we are producing couch potatoes and unhealthy kids. The kids need ‘you’ time, and not these gadgets.

Remember our childhood memories that are full of friends and family outings? Those were the days when we used to spend our entire vacation with our extended family – full of masti and learning. We would also get to spend time with our grandparents and we would explore various other things too. But what we are doing with our kids today? Just keeping them at home with a nanny and giving them a virtual world. This is not good for their physical as well as social development.

To come out of this, we should let our kids play for at least a few hours with friends their age, outside the house. This is how they will learn to work with a team. What feeling is better than being a part of a team?

It’s important to spend time with your kids during the weekends or weeknights after work, and share your daily experience with them. Go for a day out with them so they explore nearby places. Visit your parents’ place or welcome them to your place so that the kids’ grandparents can develop and strengthen a bond of love. Don’t be critical of your in-laws as your kids will also learn the same and do the same as they grow up. Listen to your kids’ problems patiently and trust them so they don’t hide anything from you.

And last but not least, eat healthy and exercise, and inculcate this habit in your kids as well.

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