Nutrition Tips for Babies and School Going Kids

Nutrition Tips for Babies and School Going Kids

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Once your baby turns six months of age, he will need nutrients from other food sources. You can start your baby off with semi-solid food, and later progress to solids. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your little one gets his daily nutritional intake in a safe manner.

Food and Nutrition Tips for Kids

  1. Small Babies can’t chew, so the food should be semi-solid. When you start semi-solid food, keep in mind that after introducing a new food you must monitor your baby for allergies. Check the baby’s activity level, if he develops rashes or breathing issues, and also whether he is vomiting or not. If there are any such changes in the baby, stop the food and rush him to the doctor if the symptoms worsen.
  1. Don’t force the baby to complete the food. His stomach is small, so only a small amount of food is needed at a time. Even a minimum of five spoons is enough for the baby. You can slowly increase the amount of food as time passes.
  1. Foods like well-mashed potatoes, carrots, or pumpkin can be given for babies as their first food. Fruits and vegetables can also be given in the form of puree.
  1. Always avoid packed foods for babies and kids. You can also prepare sathu mavu at home.
  1. Cow’s milk can be given to babies after they are one-year-old. Until then, you can continue breastfeeding or feeding him formula milk.
  1. Finger foods can be given to babies once they turn 8 months of age.
  1. School going kids are usually hungry when they come home, so you can make a banana and chocolate pancake, which is tasty. Also, experiment with potato fry or sandwiches to see what your kid enjoys. These foods give kids energy and required nutrients.
  1. You can feed your kid 5 almonds,  5 walnuts, 3 cashews, 3 dates, and a glass of milk, which will give him energy and strength.
  1. Some baby won’t drink milk, but calcium is more important for bones, so you can give paneer, cheese butter, and also milk sweets instead of milk.
  1. Avoid sugar for babies and kids. You can give them jaggery instead, which is healthier.

These feeding tips will ensure that your baby is well-fed and gets enough nutrition for proper growth and development.

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