Important Parenting Tips for Your Newborn for the First 30 Days

Becoming a parent can be an overwhelming process not only for you but also for your partner. You must have enjoyed the pregnancy phase or are enjoying it now. Some of you must be eagerly waiting for the arrival for little munchkin and some of you had already been blessed with a baby.

This is a piece of heartfelt parenting advice from one parent to another. I have some important parenting tips relating to breastfeeding, soothing and sleeping for your newborn for the first 30 days at home which can make your life easier, just like mine.

Ultimate parenting advice for breastfeeding:

The nursing process can be a bit overwhelming with some common problems like sore nipples or a tough latch-on, and it seems to be a bit tougher than expected. Here are some of the tips one can follow while nursing.

Ask questions: The first and foremost thing is to keep asking questions to your doctor about nursing and lactation. Prepare yourself well. Seek help from your friends who have had good nursing experience.

Seek hospital resource help: Ask for nursing staff or a lactation consultant. Learn about effective breastfeeding before leaving the hospital. Whenever you are ready to feed, call your nurse and take help. There is no harm in calling up the nurse again and again.

Get yourself mentally prepared: Preparing yourself mentally is one important aspect of being a mother, you have to take care of yourself first before anything else. Feeding the baby is one big task, and your baby will need you frequently in order to able to quickly feed your baby you need to feel fresh too.

Warm compression: Many of us lactating mothers often face a problem of engorged breasts, and some of us have blocked ducts. A heating pad or warm compress like a wet washcloth will come in handy. You can even use a flax pillow. If you are looking for home remedies, drink carom seeds water (popularly known as ajwain in Indian households) and use its water as a warm compress. It will surely help you. It worked best for me. I used a breast pump too, and initially, it hurt, but all that pain vanished when I saw my baby.

Use cool compressor for sore breasts: After nursing, some of us experience sore breasts. In this case, you can try using a cool pack.

Feed with a bottle sometimes: You can introduce the bottle to your baby after 1-2 months. Many experts believe it is best to introduce a feeding bottle when your baby is 6 to 8 weeks old. Start with one bottle a day per feed, and you can increase the frequency when need be.

You can always use a breast pump to store breast milk, and you can let your partner feed your baby with a feeding bottle. This can help create a bond between your baby and your partner. Also, remember to use a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. It is safer for your baby.

These were some of the tips that I have shared with you all. Hope these tips will help you just like they helped me – let me know your views.

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