The Struggles of Becoming a Mother During the Pandemic in 2020 and the Lessons Learnt!

The Struggles and Lessons Learnt for a 2020 Mom During the Pandemic

I became a mom in January 2020, and my happiness knew no bounds, to hold the little bundle of joy for whom I waited for 9 months. Then followed sleep deprivation, anxiety and constant panicking, which is known to every new mom right from the time they are expecting. What we were not warned about was the pandemic which came soon after, and nobody knew what to expect.

Suddenly, the chaos outside had vanished and we were homebound with very limited supply for the baby. Vaccinations were postponed as it was not safe to take our baby outside. The naming ceremony was cancelled due to the lockdown and, basically, nothing was going accordingly to our plan and panicking was not helping either. Raising an infant is difficult in the nicest of times and, in the midst of the lockdown, the simplest of things were getting complicated. Basic necessities were a luxury to get, and stepping out with the baby seemed like a privilege.

We were grateful for every little ounce of support that we were receiving. Days became weeks and months. Time just flew by and, rather than cribbing over the whole situation, we decided to be grateful. We were thankful that we got to see all the firsts of our baby- her first-time crawling, her first time standing, her first time talking, etc. which wouldn’t have being possible otherwise. We were thankful for the delivery guys working effortlessly to make ends meet, and we were thankful for the support we received from our parents.

One thing the pandemic taught me was to be thankful and not take the simplest of things in life for granted. The pandemic made us sit down and pause, and be grateful for the things around us. One lesson that I learned and will imbibe in my daughter is to be grateful for things big, great and small.

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