An Incident Which Will Not Fade Away From My Memory

An Incident Which Will Not Fade Away From My Memory

I am a mother to a toddler now. But that incident was still fresh in my mind besides the fact that it all happened almost fifteen years back.

I was in first year of my college. The days are going amazing as after completion of schools we are finally in college having a gala time with new friends. My college is at walking distance from my home. So we four friends used to go to college by foot.

One day as I was not feeling well I decided to go back to home early. I have walked like about half way when a car stopped near me. I saw four middle aged men in it. Then its front glass slidded down and a man sitting on driver seat asked me to help him finding an address. For the sake of helping them I started giving him directions for that address. As he pretends he is not getting it I started explaining him thoroughly when suddenly I noticed them smirking at me. And then he said ” madam bas aapki baatein sun ni thi. Main Toh issi shehar ka hoon saare raaste pata h mujhe..” And then they all laughed loudly.

I was totally shocked and immediately stepped back. They started their car and went away but I stood there for a couple of minutes. I felt so scared so humiliated. It took me some time to actually realize what had just happened. How I was explaining them directions with all my heart to help them and how they fooled me and how they are laughing at me. Once I composed myself  I almost ran to my house in the fear of them returning back. I felt so scared  that for the next few months I didn’t went to college alone.  My heart starts sinking if I saw any car resembling to that one.  From that day I decided not to trust any men.

It was my story of the #METOO moment. You can share your #METOO moment in comment section.

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