The Long Road of Pregnancy Is Actually Short

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Yay! Whoop! Woot, woot! or Crash! Bam! Ouch!— the reactions of a couple or even the family at the discovery of pregnancy can be varied. Some brim with joy; others shudder at the very thought. No matter which end of the spectrum you lie, there is no denying that the journey of pregnancy begins at a snail’s pace!
Without second guesses, the dreaded first trimester is to be held accountable for the miseries of most. As a woman settles in, however, she realises the beauty of the process. The arrival of the second trimester is like a breath of fresh air for the woman who has longed for a moment of quiet after the hormonal roller coaster that the first trimester usually is. The fatigue, nausea, the morning sickness, the aversions to foods or even fragrances— all take a backseat. The regular visits to the gynaecologist and the growing bump are both sources of supreme happiness.
The first time a woman lays her eyes on the tiny blob of life inside her, thanks to her ultrasound reports, she is transported into a world that seems too surreal to be true. In a way, the second trimester is also the cushion a woman deserves after the taxing first trimester and the upcoming and overwhelming, third. Easing into the final trimester may not be as breezy as it is in the second, but by now, a woman is so habitual to the process that she seldom realises it.
In terms of the physical changes, this trimester ensures maximum visibility. The size of the bump is at its biggest and so most discernible to the onlookers. By now, clothes simply refuse to fit and the appetite scales newer and newer heights. The belly comes in the way of your face and feet. No matter how hard you try, the feet just wouldn’t show without you slightly bending. Sleeping turns challenging, too, as working out the best position to sleep in becomes quite the task.
From the slow pace with which a woman embarks upon this journey, to the swift pace at which she would travel now, life would ready her for becoming a new version of herself. She, in fact, would be taken aback by her own strength. Towards the end of the road, most women show signs of anxiety or nervousness. Impatience can be experienced, too. If you are of the opinion that pregnancy is long and stressful and that life after the arrival of the little one would usher in a wave of normality, you are pulling wool over your own eyes.
Labour or c-section pains are only the “starters”. You can think of these as items you have ordered yourself off a “menu”. The remaining bits, not available in any menu, are what would take up most space in life once you become a mother. The silver lining? No matter how rocky the path, in the end, you would realise, sooner than you think, why it is all worth it.

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