Does the Gap Between Marriage and Pregnancy Matter?

Does the Gap Between Marriage and Pregnancy Matter?

Does the gap between wifehood and motherhood matter? If yes, then how much and in what way? Sometimes, I get curious about it, and I want to share my experience with new and would-be moms.

Having a baby after a year of marriage was very surprising for us. When I was pregnant, I was very happy and satisfied to see my husband giving attention to our unborn baby. After he was born, we were busy matching our schedules with our little one, making him comfortable, giving him the best that we could afford for him. Life was exciting.

Several newlywed couples argue and fight with each other. We did too. We were loyal and loving to each other, but couldn’t stop the unwanted fights and disputes. I became pregnant five months later. It was happy news for all of us, but I remember asking myself if it was the right time. There was no answer, but I knew I was going to become a mom.

There were times during the nine months when we fought and argued. The distance also added more to the existing issues. What I learnt from that period was that I felt ignored by my husband, who was not with me. Months later, I was a new and happy mom.

The reason I want to share this blog is to tell people the importance of marriage goals, planning your married life, deciding your priorities, restricting your emotions, and making the most of your time because time, once gone, never comes back.

As a wife, I feel we lost those golden years when we would have understood each other, talked to each other, shared thoughts and above all, adjusted with each other without restrictions.

Now I have a 3 years old son, the most handsome boy, and a loving and caring husband, but somewhere deep in my heart, I still feel ignored.

So, to all the couples – understand yourself and your partner priorities because parenthood is not easy.

The gap matters a lot to enrich your relationship and healthy thoughts.

Thanks for reading my first blog.


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