Five Unexpected Ways Food Can Help Your Skin

Five Unexpected Ways Food Can Help Your Skin

“You are what you eat,” you’ve probably heard. When it comes to your skin, this saying couldn’t be more true. Because your skin is the greatest organ in your body, whatever you consume will show up on your face. If you want clear skin, you must avoid things like chocolate and french fries.

The state of your skin reflects your overall health. Healthy diets can offer you a bright complexion, whereas greasy and sugary foods degrade skin quality. This isn’t to say that if you want beautiful skin, you should only eat cabbage and kale. There are a variety of delicious foods that can help you glow from the inside out.

Here are five delectable foods that can help you achieve better skin:

Coconut Oil

Yes, that wonderful oil you use to cook and bake is also great for your skin! Coconut oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of fatty acid that has numerous health benefits. In a study published by the Foods journal, medium-chain triglycerides were shown to reduce and even prevent inflammation.

Chronic inflammation harms cells and prevents your body’s natural repair systems from working properly. As a result, it’s thought to be the leading cause of skin ageing. Coconut oil’s MCTs help your skin rebuild itself by lowering inflammation and reducing tissue damage. 

Fatty Fish

Are you struggling with dry skin despite applying tons of moisturizer? Skin dryness is inevitable as we age. That’s because the skin’s sebaceous glands produce less oil over time. These oils form a protective barrier over the skin and prevent moisture from escaping. As oil production goes down, your skin’s barrier thins out, accelerating water loss.

Here’s where oily fish can help. Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are packed with omega-3 fatty acids to restore your skin’s lipid barrier. In one study, supplementation with omega-3-rich oils boosted skin barrier function, improved skin hydration, and increased skin smoothness within 12 weeks. Eat two servings of fatty fish per week to get supple skin.

Green Tea 

Do you want younger-looking skin? Then it would be best if you swapped your frappuccino with green tea. Green tea contains potent antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins. These compounds scavenge your body, looking for free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to protect your cells from damage.

This protection gives your skin a chance to repair itself. In a German study, volunteers that consumed green tea polyphenols had softer, thicker, and more elastic skin after 12 weeks. Keep in mind, though, that not all green tea is good for your skin. Conventional green teas are loaded with heavy metals and deadly pesticides. Opt for organic green tea to enjoy nothing but goodness.

Sweet Potatoes

Who would have thought those crispy, sweet potato fries were good for your skin? Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, a red-orange pigment that is a precursor to vitamin A. The pigment acts as a natural sunscreen. Beta carotene consumption can help your skin withstand up to three times more sun exposure without getting a sunburn.

And that’s not all. In addition to its protective properties, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A, or retinol, in your body. Retinol rejuvenates your skin by accelerating cell turnover. This can help you reduce skin discoloration, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, and improve skin texture. That sounds like a good reason to check out some mouth-watering sweet potato recipes!


Work, kids, chores- modern life can be overwhelming. All this stress not only wrecks your health but also ruins your skin. A 2014 study found that stress impaired skin barrier function, caused skin dryness, and promoted wrinkle formation. Our natural tendency to reach for sugary foods during stress can further damage the skin.

Stressed and craving sweets? Have some honey. Honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar, making it a healthier sweetener. And here’s the best part: Honey is proven to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression. Stir a few teaspoons of this natural stress reliever into your favorite calming tea to boost your mood and skin.

Savor Your Way to Beautiful Skin

The foods you eat directly affect skin health. Therefore, you should eat nutritious food for smooth, glowing skin. Fortunately, there is much more to healthy nutrition than greens and salad. There are many delectable foods you can enjoy while treating your skin. Add these tasty foods to your diet to radiate health and beauty.

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