Children are God's Blessings and Rare Gifts to Mothers

Children are God’s Blessings and Rare Gifts to Mothers

All children are God’s rare gifts to all mothers. My girl, Karthika Lakshmi is a wonderful gift in our beautiful life. My motherhood phase is going happily after the arrival of my daughter. She always wakes up at 5 am every day, almost before all the other members of our family wake up. She plays indoor games, especially with her dolls. She smiles beautifully. Sometimes, she cries because of going outside with bike. She likes dressing and wearing beautiful dresses. She likes massages with coconut oil. She always eats calmly without giving any trouble to the family members. She always goes to the temple with her grandmother. She even goes out sometimes with her grandparents, mostly with her grandfather. She likes drinking milk. My daughter Karthika Lakshmi is a very active girl. She always watches serial with us. She also listens to beautiful music with me.  My daughter Karthika Lakshmi has two elder cousin brothers, Rishi Varun and Sai Vasanthi. She plays games with them. She has given me a lot of joy and happiness with her cute behaviour.

Being a mother, I prefer to give her nutritious food like oatmeal, badam, full-fat milk, and the mixed nutrition powder with brown millets, toor dal, chana dal, kaju, badam, oats, pasta, corn and other healthy nutrients. Sometimes, I give her popcorn and jowar flakes, wheat flakes. These are very healthy foods. Breastfeeding a baby is also important. Breastfeeding plays a major role in the life of mothers as well. Breastfeeding is best for babies till two years of age as a mother’s milk has lots of vitamins and minerals that helps a baby grow healthily. Breastfeeding useful in preventing some health diseases like asthma, cough, cold, motions, fever and pains and so on. Breastfeeding milk has lots of vitamins like Iron, vitamin D and rich in calcium and folic acid, B complex vitamins and so on.

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