A Baby is Too Fragile to be in a Maid’s Hand

A baby is too Fragile to be in a Maid’s Hand

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When my baby was born, my happiness knew no bounds. I was reborn, he was my lifeline. But I was novice,I feared my lack of experience will prove harmful. Motherly instincts and hormonal imbalance were also at their peak that time. So, I desperately needed a support system. Hence, I had a professional hired for my baby’s morning rituals. She massaged, bathed him and took care of him few hours a day. Life was so easy with her support. Until one day, the baby maid informed me that my baby is inconsolably crying.

To my horror, my sixth month baby had a pulled elbow episode while massaging. I ran to the paediatrician but he couldn’t help. I felt helpless seeing him crying and not being able to use his hand. He was in immense pain. Luckily,that day a child orthopaedic doctor was visiting our city. I went to him but the queue was too long. A generous lady offered me to use her turn and I entered his cabin. He relocated the elbow in just few seconds but it was dreadful to watch. He advised me to get rid of all baby maids. He said everyday he comes across cases of necks and hipbone fractures in infants due to the wrong techniques of massage by these maids. Only SAARC countries propagate massage before bath theory. Massage does no good to the baby, its all misconception. Babies do not need massage, just our love is enough for them. He taught me the right technique of picking up a baby and advised to be extra careful with him till he is six. After that, bones gets strong. Since then, I have taken over all the duties of my baby and no massage for him ever. He is fine and fit. We blindly follow our elders methods of bringing up a baby sometimes as they are full proof but little introduction of science will not do any damage. Some traditions if harmful should be get rid off.

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